Gain solace by using the aromatic and redolent properties of orange essential oil. To learn about the uses and benefits of orange oil, go through the article.

Orange Oil Uses

Orange is a citrus fruit rich in many nutritional and other benefits. The oil extracted from the peels of orange, by using the cold pressing technique, contains the same amount of nutritional value as the fruit itself. The active ingredient in the oil is d-limonene, which gives the oil its amazing fragrance. This fragrance of orange oil is said to have great calming effects on the body and mind of a person and hence, is used to relax a person and elevate a stressed and depressed mood. Orange oil is extracted from both sweet and sour oranges. The color of the oil depends on the variety of orange from which it has been extracted. Apart from the aromatic property, orange essential oil is said to boast of great antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. This article throws light on the various benefits of using orange essential oil.
Benefits Of Orange Essential Oil
  • Orange oil is an effective anti-inflammatory agent that provides instant relief from various inflammations, both internal and external, caused by different reasons.
  • The aroma of orange oil spreads happiness and brings positive and happy thoughts to mind. This property of orange oil makes it very useful for aromatherapy. It relaxes people, makes them feel happy, driving them out of their depressed mood.
  • Orange oil is quite effective in increasing the appetite of a person. The smell of orange has been known to boost the desire for food in a person.
  • Orange oil has a mild aphrodisiac property, which can help to cure problems, such as frigidity, erectile problems, sexual impotence, etc.
  • Orange oil proves to be a good antiseptic, as it keeps injuries and cuts immune against tetanus, and other germs and infections. Orange oil helps you against tetanus and septic, by inhibiting microbial growth and disinfecting the wound during the process.
  • Gas formation in the intestine can lead to chest pain, indigestion and uneasiness. Gas also increases the blood pressure and puts your heart under trouble. Orange essential oil acts as a carminative and helps in relaxing the abdominal muscles, paving way for the gases to escape easily.
Other Uses
  • Orange essential oil is a very effective cleanser and helps you clean difficult stains with great ease, without affecting the area being cleaned. It is a natural cleanser and can be used without any worries of any chemical reactions, since it is not harmful for human health.
  • Orange essential oil finds its place in most perfumes. A special kind of orange called ‘Bergamot Orange’ is used as an ingredient for preparing perfumes. It blends well with the other smells used in the perfumes, to give out a special and unique aroma.
  • Orange oil is used as an ingredient in many recipes as well. It forms a major ingredient in various types of food items, one being orange chicken. Orange oil is always used in the form of orange zest, since oil in its pure form can be very heavy for most people.

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