Excessive secretion of acids results in acidic stomach or acidity. Read the article below to learn more on acidic stomach.

Acidic Stomach

Acidity is a major lifestyle issue nowadays. Since, there are no proper timings for your meals, the moment you get a full stomach it results in bloating, heartburn and gas formation. You recognize the symptoms very well, as most probably almost all the members of your family must be suffering from it as well, and diagnose it as acidity. To get relief, you instantly pop in antacids to balance the high acidic content of the stomach. For thousands of people worldwide acidity has become a part of their daily lifestyle. No meal is complete without the use of antacids or digestive medications or else you have to face the prospect of dealing with a tense burning sensation in the middle of the abdomen, and other such symptoms. Acidity occurs because, due to certain factors, the level of acid in the stomach increases, which leading to hyper acidity. This accumulation of gastric juices causes pain and discomfort, and if appropriate measures are not taken, in the long run it can damage the sensitive stomach lining causing gastric ulcers. To know more read the article below on the causes, symptoms and treatments of acidic stomach.
Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Acidic Stomach
  • Fried and fatty foods are one of the major causes of acidic stomach. These types of foods take a long time to digest and so the food stays in the stomach for a longer period. This creates pressure on the stomach which in turn puts pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) resulting in the reflux of the stomach contents.
  • High intake of chocolate relaxes the esophageal sphincter muscles which results in the acids squirting up the esophagus.
  • Caffeine based drinks also relaxes the LES resulting in acid reflux.
  • Intake of high amounts of alcohol also leads to acid reflux resulting in the production of the stomach acids.
  • Sometimes due to stress, digestion cannot take place normally and so this also can result in the production of acidic stomach. 
  • The most common symptom of acid stomach is heartburn. This is a burning sensation that occurs in the lower chest or near the upper abdomen towards the neck.
  • There is also a bitter taste in the mouth. Due to the increasing amount of acid in the stomach there is frequent belching and a burning pain whenever hot drinks are swallowed.
  • It can also lead to a feeling of bloating, especially after a meal.
  • Sometimes there can also be a persistent cough as the acid irritates the wind pipe.
  • In rare cases it can lead to bad breadth and hoarseness. There can also be severe chest pain.
  • The high level of acids can cause nausea and stomach upset. There is also a decrease in appetite.
  • Acids also create gas resulting in burping and flatulence.
  • The main cause of stomach acid is improper diet and so changes in the food that you take is the best way to combat acidic stomach. Avoid those foods that can lead to indigestion as they can trigger acid reflux.
  • Never lie down immediately after a meal. Lie down two hours after you had a meal.
  • Keep your weight under control.
  • Sleeping on the left side reduces the chances of night time acid reflux.
  • Consult a doctoring in case you do not get relief from the above mentioned steps.

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