In case you are one of those who successfully loses weight, but fails to maintain it, reading this article will be of help. Check out effective tips on how to maintain your weight loss.

Maintaining Weight Loss Tips

Obesity or excessive weight is the concern of the majority of people these days. Losing weight is something that everyone looks out for. However, it is not losing the weight, but maintaining the weight loss that forms the main challenge. Remember, losing weight is easy, but maintaining it is a serious challenge. Sustaining a particular body weight is like controlling your senses and mind which is not easy, and without which your life would be like a wobbling train. You have to undergo a total lifestyle change, when it comes to maintaining your new perfect body. A disciplined life can help you maintain your perfect body structure. In case you start ignoring the changes, you will soon regain the unwanted weight and watch your achieved goal slip away. Follow these simple tips on how to maintain your weight loss and lead a healthy and a fit life.
Tips On How To Maintain Your Weight Loss
  • One of the best ways to maintain the lucky number that you have achieved is to maintain the same diet and routine as you dwelled upon, at the time of losing those extra kilos. Just because you have attained that number does not mean you are at free will to munch chips, snacks or any such fatty food. Remember, consumption of such foods would lead to regaining those extra kilos, thereby ruining all your efforts. 
  • Another way to keep your weight under check is by keeping two photographs with you, one when you were really fat and one with your lean look. Carrying the photographs will always warn you of what you were and what measure you had taken to get back to shape. It would also help you check your eating habits and act as a motivation for you to work towards maintaining your weight.
  • Maintain a diet plan or a food diary. It is advisable to maintain a diary for the first 90 days of the maintenance’s stage. You should follow a strict diet plan and note down the kind of food you consume every day. This daily record will help you check your food intake by giving you the number of times you deviated from the diet plan. A diary will serve as a daily reminder of the extras and/or negative eating habits.
  • Set a saturation point of your weight, and do not skip it in any circumstances. Set an ideal weight for yourself in your mind and work on maintaining the mark, by following a diet plan that includes more proteins and fewer calories. Draw the line for yourself and stick to it, not going below the mark and definitely, not above as well. If in some occasions you happen to cross the weight mark, work the entire week to get back to the golden number by the end of the week.
  • Help your body retain its shape and size by providing regular exercise to it. A good exercise schedule will cut down your calories and keep you healthy. It would also make you health conscious, directing you away from being obsessive about food. Exercising, along with your diet plan, will help in expanding your calorie budget, by burning the higher caloric food, thereby giving you wonderful results. Exercise also helps in generating endorphins, increasing the energy level in the body and elevating your mood, making it easier for you to follow your commitments towards maintaining your weight.
  • Weigh yourself every day and note down your success or failure towards your maintenance goal. An account of your weight will give you an idea of the areas of concern, knowing which you can rework on your maintenance plan.
  • Keep your eating habits under control. Don’t get careless with your eating schedule, once you have reached your desired mark. Any deviation from the disciplined eating habit can lift you and put you back on the higher side of weighing scale. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain a strict diet with the fixed amount of calorie intake. This strict schedule will help you develop and get used to a smart eating habit.
  • Go beyond the food rewarding system, which can happen only through a disciplined life. Once you get used to a disciplined life, you will understand that any food irrespective of its aroma and taste is not a treat if there is any history of abuse connected to it. Reward yourself with clothes, gadgets, trips, spa and not food. However, these are elementary rewards; the biggest reward for a person under a weight maintenance course is his/her own body, which looks more fit and healthy now.
  • Wear fitting or tight fitting clothes once you have reached your desired weight. This type of clothing will help you have a single size and force you to maintain your weight so that you don’t outgrow your clothes. Clothes are something that inspires most of the people to lose weight. Believe it or not, it is because people cannot fit in their favorite clothes that they decide to lose weight. Therefore, the stimulus that inspired you to lose weight should be continued to maintain it as well.

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