The best way to resolve kidney problems is by curing it naturally, with the help of herbs. Go through the article, to get educated about herbs that help in getting rid of chronic kidney problems.

Herbs For Kidney

Kidneys are one of the most important body organs that complement the body functions. Kidneys help the body in getting rid of the byproducts caused by the breakdown of proteins, such as ammonia and urea. They even regulate the amount of solutes and ions in the blood, which further control the blood pH level and blood volume. Even a minute problem in the kidney, caused due to infections or body impurities, can affect other bodily functions, leading to some serious health issues. A person can experience numerous problems, such as infections in the urinary tract or stones in kidneys, which can lead to other chronic problems as well. While one can go for allopathic medications to treat kidney crisis, curing the same using natural methods is always the best way to avoid further complications. There are a few natural herbs available in the Ayurvedic science that help in treating kidney problems. In the following lines, we have provided information on herbs which help cure kidney problems.
Herbs To Cure Kidney Problems
Couch Grass
Couch grass acts as a diuretic for treating kidney problems. The mucilage extracted from the herb helps in soothing the inflamed and irritated urinary tract. Apart from this, the herb helps in increasing the amount of urine in the body through the osmotic process. Couch grass contains certain active constituents, which have an antibiotic effect that can be used effectively in case of urarthritis and rheumatism. It can also be used against conditions like cystitis, prostatitis, nephritis, calculus, urethritis and benign prostatic hypertrophy.
Uva Ursi (Bearberry)
It is an astringent herb that works as a urinary antiseptic. Uva Ursi has an antibacterial effect on the kidney and proves to be beneficial against coli, proteus, klebsiella, staphylococcus and pseudomonas. The effects can be seen 3 to 4 hours after consumption, once the active constituents get converted in the kidney. However, this herb cannot be used in case of any major kidney diseases or when the infection progresses up to the urinary tract.
Horsetail is also one of the diuretics, which is used as an astringent in the genitor urinary tract, due to the presence of high amount of silica in it. Horsetail is very effective in reducing the lead content in the body and also has an anti-rheumatic effect. It proves out to be beneficial against the lipid metabolism. The high amount of silica in horsetail aids in tissue repair. It increases the amount of urine generated in the body, thereby flushing out the toxins and other infectious agents. The astringent action balances the bladder tone and helps in reducing prostate enlargement. Horsetail also helps in preventing damage to urethra, bladder and the prostate.
Parsley is one of the excellent diuretics used for edema and urinary stones. It is very effective in annihilating the waste products, like urea and other acidic metabolites, and is therefore used efficaciously for gout and arthritis. It is highly beneficial for nursing mothers and is also believed to increase milk production. However, parsley should not be consumed during the nine months pregnancy period and is not recommended during painful menstrual periods as well.
Nettle is a combination of various nutrients, vitamins and minerals, such as chlorophyll and beta carotene, vitamins A, B2, C and E, and minerals like calcium, potassium and iron. It is yet another herb that helps in the elimination of waste products from the body. It is a beneficial diuretic and proves to be quite successful in managing the symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy, in combination with saw palmetto. The antibacterial property in nettle makes it effective against staphylococci and other bacteria.
Corn Silk
Corn silk is rich in vitamin K and potassium and hence, is used for chronic inflammation of the urinary tract, cystitis, prostatitis, night time urination and urethritis. There are still studies being conducted on the benefits of this particular herb against various urinary tract infections, but it is a proven fact that corn silk is an excellent diuretic. It also contains certain antiseptic properties that help in soothing the urinary tract.
Juniper Berries
Juniper berries is a very effectual and utile herb, which helps in stimulating and destroying any bacteria present in the kidney, bladder and bile ducts. Any problem of accumulation of waste, crystallization and stones in kidneys can be cured with the help of this particular herb. It is an herb that is a prescribed for any kidney cleansing routine.
Limitation Of Herbs For Kidney
Herbs can cure the kidney of all chronic problems, however there are certain conditions where these herbs fall flat, showing no improvement in the condition of the person whatsoever. Kidney cells which are dead cannot be revived through these herbs. Remember, herbs can only strengthen the function of the remaining cells and prevent any further damage, but cannot give rebirth to the dead cells. Therefore, it gets impossible to treat a dialysis patient, since their kidney has been seriously contracted.

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