If you know the symptoms of kidney problems you can check the problem in time. Here is information regarding signs & symptoms of kidney failure.

Symptoms Of Kidney Problems

Kidneys perform vital functions in our body. However, if the blood vessels in the kidneys are not healthy, kidneys will fail to clean the blood properly. With kidney dysfunction, the body retains wastes which lead to several other problems. Usually kidney problems develop for years. However these could be traced by some common symptoms. Know about kidney disease symptoms.
Changes in Urination
Changes in urine pattern are the first sign of a failing kidney. You may have to get up more than often at night to urinate. You may urine in greater amounts than usual, or it could be pale. You may urinate in smaller amounts and urine could get dark colored. You could feel tightness down there during urinating. Blood could also come with urine. You may frequently feel the need to go to urinate, but when you visit loo nothing happens.
You could feel extreme fatigue at the time of failing kidneys. Healthy kidneys create a hormone called erythropoietin which motivates your body to make oxygen-carrying red blood cells. The level of erythropoietin decreases as the result of kidney failure. Fewer red blood cells carry oxygen now, and your limbs tire rapidly.
Failing kidneys could cause swelling in several body parts like face, hands, ankles, and feet. You would lose weight but your body would become puffy. The body could swell to such an extent that you would find hard even to wear your clothes or shoes.
Feeling Cold
Presence of lesser blood cells in the body means that you would feel cold even in a warm room. And it would be very tough for you to live in cold conditions.
Lack of Concentration
Absence of proper oxygen in the blood means the brain would not get proper nourishment. This would result in memory problems. You would find lapses in concentration.
Bad Mouth/Breath
Presence of wastes in the blood called uremia could make food taste bad. This would result in bad breath. You would not feel like eating and this could lead to you losing your weight.
Accumulation of wastes in the blood could cause nausea and vomiting. One would feel like throwing up all the time. This would result in dislike for food and loss of weight.
Kidneys clean the bloodstream of the wastes which get out of the body via urine. As a result of kidney failure, the waste could gather in blood and cause itching.

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