Baby acne is a common condition in babies, till the time they are six months of age. Find out what is baby acne and what causes pimples in an infant.

What Is Baby Acne

Baby acne, also known as acne neonatorum, is a condition, which affects most of the newborn babies. Either the baby is born with acne or he/she develops it after his /her birth. Baby acne is a common condition and a very normal affair. If it is not present from the birth, it might appear at 3 to 4 weeks of age and last until your child is between 4 and 6 months old. The acne, in case of babies, is like small red papules, which mainly affect the cheeks and the nasal bridge. In infants, the acne usually appears in the form of rashes and red pimples and gets aggravated when the baby gets upset or is overheated.
What Causes Baby Acne
Baby acne usually develops as a direct result of the change in the hormonal levels in the expectant mothers, when they are giving birth. It is only a little time before child birth that the mother’s hormones are allowed to pass through the placenta to the baby. This passing of the hormones is very important, as it results in the essential last minute development in the body of the child, such as increasing the size of the lungs, in order to prepare the child for breathing air.
The hormones also play a vital role in stimulating oil production in the baby’s skin. Increase in the levels of oil, as a result of passing of hormones, causes babies to develop acne on their cheeks. Usually, the acne disappears once the mother stops breastfeeding the child. Acne may also be caused due to bad nutrition in a child or even if the child is in contact with dirty clothes. Saliva or split milk and excessive scrubbing can worsen the situation. Sometimes, certain medications might also trigger acne in babies.
Baby acne is best left alone, without any treatment. It is a common condition that affects a large number of babies and is nothing serious. The acne will usually disappear in some time, on its own. However, if you still want to try some measures, read the treatments mentioned below: 
  • Oils and lotions are not going to help fight baby acne; they will only end up aggravating the acne. You need to clean the face of your baby, around two times in a day. Use water and baby soap for the purpose.
  • You can use a product containing vinegar, on your baby’s skin. However, it needs to be ensured that the product is only made of natural ingredients. Also, it will be better if a doctor is consulted, before any product is used.
  • If the baby has acne even 3 months after his/ her birth, it is an indication that you need to see the doctor. 
The recovery of baby acne greatly depends on the mood of your baby. The rashes can gain in severity, if your child feels irritated, and cries for some reason. The acne can also become severe when the affected skin is irritated. Take care not to put too many blankets on the baby’s face, when he/she is sleeping, as the skin needs fresh air to breathe.  

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