If you wish to learn how to hypnotize someone, this article is just perfect for you. To know how to do hypnosis on the people around you, read on.

How To Hypnotize Someone

Hypnosis is referred to a trance like state, which resembles sleep. The technique that brings about the state of hypnosis is induced by a person known as hypnotist. His basic work is to slow down the brainwaves of a person, to make him relax. Once it is done, the hypnotist interacts with the person's subconscious. Hypnotism is often utilized for various medial purposes, to soothe conditions such as anxiety and pain. It is even seen helpful in improving or altering the behavior of people. However, hypnosis should not be practiced at will, as it can be risky. To learn how to do hypnosis on the people around you, read on.
How to Hypnotize Someone 
  • Make your subject sit in a comfortable chair, in a dimly-lit room. Do not allow your subject to lie down, as it will increase the chances of him falling asleep, which will make it difficult to achieve the state of hypnosis.
  • With the help of relaxation techniques, slow down the brainwave patterns of your subject, to alpha, beta, theta or delta. This depends on the work your client wishes to accomplish.
  • Alpha waves range between 8Hz and 13Hz. They can be associated to a light meditation. They exist while daydreaming. They tend to become stronger when your eyes are closed.
  • Beta waves range between 14Hz and 20Hz. They are associated with normal waking consciousness. They are present when you are focused on activities in the outside world.
  • Theta waves range between 4Hz and 7Hz. They occur during heightened states of creativity and are found during a deep meditative state.
  • Delta waves range between 5Hz and 3Hz. They are found in a deep sleep state or unconsciousness. They are even common in very deep meditation.
  • Once you have hypnotized the subject, target questions towards his subconscious, to know the root or the hidden cause of problem. The process can even be used to know the best method for his recovery.
  • Provide suggestions targeted towards the goal of the therapy. The suggestions can be specific or creative images, to evade the judgmental mind.
  • The instructions should be aimed to remind the subject's subconscious to go through the new suggestions, when problem situation arises.
  • After the purpose is fulfilled, bring the client back to alert beta brainwave patterns.

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