Self Hypnosis is great therapy to relax the mind and the body. Read this article to know self-hypnosis techniques & method and particularly how to perform self hypnosis.

Self Hypnosis Techniques

As the term suggests, self-hypnosis is a technique in which a person hypnotizes himself or herself. It’s actually a naturally occurring state of mind that can be said as a heightened state of concentration (trance), with the compliance to follow suggestive commands. In fact, it’s a great remedy to purge out deep-laid emotions and boost the self-esteem of the hypnotized person. Moreover, self-hypnosis is a brilliant way to relax and lighten up. To perform self-hypnosis, one is required to focus so as to become fully hypnotized.
Though there are many computer programs available in the market to help in self-hypnosis, a few have been verified to assist in this area. To gain full control of your mind, there are numerous self hypnosis techniques that can be learnt and applied on yourself. Given here are simple techniques or method that can be altered to suit your requirements. However, the self-hypnosis technique is the same as used by the hypnosis therapists. You just have to be aware about the statements you program into your sub-conscious mind. Thus, take your time and choose these statements judiciously.
The very first thing that you have to decide is the reason behind the self-hypnosis i.e. what exactly you’re trying to find out or achieve? Once you have defined your goal, you must adhere to this goal with the self hypnosis session. Don’t select more than one goal at a time and resist the persuasion of solving all your problems in one go. You wouldn’t be able to do this, instead it will create even more problems by trying that. Now, it’s time to ponder about what will be the statements or suggestions you’re going to insert into your sub-conscious mind?
Your statements must be positive and represent something good. Never use suggestions like “I’m going to learn swimming no matter how scared I am of water”. Such statement will only make you even more scared. Steer clear of all negative words when you devise your suggestions and replace them with positive words like “I really look forward to swimming and thus have underwater pleasure”. The suggestions you devise must be easy to memorize.
Whatever you want to be, write it down and jot down the reasons why you want to become this or why you want to attain this goal. You must also write what you expect will happen when you attain it. Every time you repeat the statement, envisage that you thrive to strengthen the message in your sub-conscious mind. It’s also significant that the suggestions you formulate are short, direct and specific like “I will definitely swim”.
When you perform self hypnosis, ensure that you do not get disturbed. For this, you can switch off the phone, lock the doors and make yourself absolutely comfortable. You can lay on a bed or sit on a chair with you back straight.
  • Focus your concentration on a point a little above your eye level.
  • As you repeat the word “relax” for yourself, take a few deep breaths.
  • When you breathe out, visualize that you’re disposing of all the bad air that have caused troubles inside you and you’re replacing it with the fresh air you breathe in.
  • Close your eyes and try to concentrate on a few (3 to 5) sounds that you can hear like of the running water, the blowing wind, the rain tapping, etc. Moreover, realize what you’re feeling in the moment like the temperature of your skin, the weight of your body against the chair or bed, etc.
  • Start the descent to your subconscious mind by visualizing that you’re walking down a ten-step spiral staircase to a spectacular garden which lies at the end of your descent. For each step you take, you have to go by layers of clouds and you feel increasingly relaxed and all your worries are slowly leaving you. When you get off the last step, you put your foot on a green lawn which has glowing from the sunrays.  
  • You should now be amply relaxed to start the repetition of your suggestions or statements to your subconscious mind. Repeat every suggestion three times with a short break in between. When you’re over with your suggestions, visualize that you gradually climb back to the top of the staircase.
  • At this time, the self hypnosis is done and you’re back in your normal mental state.
  • Self-hypnosis actually works towards relaxation, peace of mind and self improvement. If you feel that hypnosis can help you accomplish your goals, do it again and make it a regular practice for your own self development.

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