Given below are some exercises to make you lose the fat in your face. To know how to lose weight from face, read the article.

How To Lose Weight In Your Face

Face is the mirror of a person’s health. It is the first thing noticeable and is rightly referred as your visiting card, providing initial and basic information about you. Thus, if you have a slim and suave face, it works a great deal to uplift your personality. All those who wish to lose weight on the face can follow their regular weight loss program, coupled with some facial exercises to workout the muscles there. It should be noted that in the process of losing weight, face is the first place where you see the difference. If you have more fat than necessary on your face then it makes you look chubby. Nobody wants fat cheeks and double chins. The thing that repulses the most about weight in the face is that it kills your chiseled bone structure; you lose your sharp jaw-line and your cheek bone loses its emphasis on your face. It has an impact on the beauty of your eyes as well; eyes seem to go in a bit because of the elevation of cheek bones due to the concentration of fat on them. You lose the otherwise sharp look of your eyes. Double chins are another kind of nightmare. A double chin has the capacity to completely make your neck look non-existent, which obviously means that you cannot wear turtle necks anymore or anything with a collar. If you have got fat on your face then there are so many haircuts that you cannot don anymore, like you cannot wear your hair short because it will make your face seem all the more fat. Not just this, you can forget about big and bold accessories and bright make up. Anything that will draw attention to your face will become a no-no. You certainly do not want that for yourself. Therefore, if you have noticed the signs of fat getting accumulated on your face then you should be alarmed. It means it is time now to work on it and get rid of it before it changes the whole course of how your look and what you wear. Given below are some exercises to help you lose weight from the face.
Exercises to Lose Weight in Face
  • For the areas around your eyes, close your eyes gently, look down and then look up, as far as possible. Repeat ten times.
  • Close your eyes and lift your eyebrows, stretching your eyelids down as far as possible. Holds this position for five seconds, then relax and repeat five times.
  • With open eyes, look up and then down, keeping your head still. Repeat this ten times. Also look left and right in the same position. Repeat this ten times.
  • Frown as much as possible and try to bring your eyebrows over your eyes while pulling the eyebrows toward one another. Then lift your eyebrows as far as possible while opening your eyes as far as possible as well. Repeat this five times.
  • Lie on a flat bed, hanging your head over the edge. Raise your eyebrows as high as possible, opening your eyes wide. Relax and repeat ten times.
  • Sit upright, frown your eyebrows down over your eyelids, while wrinkling your nose as far up as possible. Hold this position for ten seconds. Relax and repeat five times.
  • Stick out the tip of your tongue and pull in your cheeks. Hold this position for some seconds and relax. Raise your lower lip over your upper lip, trying to touch your nose.
  • Smile as wide as you can and at the same time try to touch the tip of your tongue to your nose.
Diet To Follow To Lose The Weight In The Face
  • Take care of your diet. You must consume fewer calories and increase your intake of proteins. It will also help if you will keep a tab on how much salt and sugar you are consuming. This is because sugar and salt in your body is a source of sodium and too much of sodium in your body will lead to accumulation of fat. It can also lead to water retention in your body which will definitely affect your face as well.
  • Caffeine is also not good for your body and you should try and control its intake especially during the first few weeks of your exercise training program.
  • You must concentrate on eating more and more green and leafy vegetables. Your diet should contain at least three good servings of fresh and raw vegetables and fruits. This will also helps you to avoid getting bloated up.
  • You can also include your calcium intake. It is said that intake of 1,200 mg of calcium everyday helps you in losing the excessive fat from different parts of your body. Especially for women, if they take a good amount of calcium everyday then it leads to only mild affects of pre-menstrual syndrome, which means that there will be way less water retention than usual. This means that you must include low-fat yogurt and cheese in your diet.
  • You must take care of the fact that if you are on a special diet and exercising daily then do not indulge yourself in alcohol because even alcohol has a lot of calories in it and it can completely throw off your diet structure.

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