The energy drinks which claim to provide instant energy can have some serious side effects on your body. Read on to find out about the dangers and side-effects of the energy drinks.

Dangers Of Energy Drinks

We see them advertised all over the place. These are also freely available anywhere; from the food stores to your local supermarkets. The energy drinks also claim some absurd claims which become pretty hard to believe, at times. The fact of the matter is not every energy drink is the same. While many of the ingredients might be common to each one of them, every drink has its own little problem associated with it, which can cause some serious side-effects as well.
Some of the dangers and side-effects associated with these energy drinks are described below: 
  • The problem with these so called energy drinks is not the ingredients that you know are in there, but what you don't actually know about. While caffeine is one of the most common ingredients in every energy drink, it is just the beginning. Caffeine is harmful for the body when consumed in large quantities. It can not only raise the blood pressure but can cause several other problems related to blood as well.
  • These energy drinks, if taken regularly can have an addictive effect. For example, guarana, which is a common ingredient in most of these energy drinks, is a stimulant which affects the Central Nervous System (CNS). This can have an adverse effect on the body as a whole.
  • Another very popular ingredient in energy drink is taurine, which is a sort of natural ingredient that is also present in food containing vitamin B6. When we have food, our body gets all the regular supply of taurine that it requires. Having energy drinks mean we are consuming more taurine than our body requires. This excess taurine can become toxic in our systems.
  • The most dangerous side-effect of these drinks is that they can be harmful, especially if mixed with other items. Not all the ingredients in an energy drink are fully tested for safety. This does not mean that these ingredients are necessarily bad; it’s just that their side-effect, if any is not fully known.
  • These energy drinks can pose quite a threat to your health if taken in excess quantities. There have even been some deaths that have been reported because of caffeine overdose from these drinks. So, consume these drinks, but in moderate quantities.

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