Kidney infections are perilous and can lead to severe health problems. Read on to know the symptoms of kidney infection.

Symptoms Of Kidney Infection

Located on the either side of middle back and under the diaphragm, kidneys are a component of the urinary system which also includes kidneys, the ureters, the bladder, and the urethra. The most important functions, which kidneys carry, are regulating blood pressure, filtering the waste products from the body, helping in production of blood cells and maintaining the normal concentration of electrolytes, which aids in rehydration and helps in maintaining a proper body functions. Getting kidney infection is easy but it is dangerous. If not treated on time and left unaided, it can cause blood poisoning, kidney failure, and in extreme cases even death. Its symptoms are highly ambiguous and unless you are an expert, it is even hard to realize if you are having kidney infection. Explore the article to know how to know the symptoms of kidney infection. Medical treatment should be done at the earliest at the time you spot the symptoms. Here are given some of the warning signs of a kidney infection and if any of these rings true, take medical assistance without fail.
Burning Sensation During Urination
It can be a little confusing as it is also a good sign of UTI that is the urinary tract infections, which can lead to kidney infections. If you suffer from burning sensation while you pee, most of the time, then you need to take medical assistance. Increase the water intake and take vitamin supplements to counter it.
Pain In The Lower Back
A pain in the lower back around the waist can also be a good sign of having kidney infections. The pain can be varying from a dull ache to a sharp pang. However if the pain persists for more than three days then there could be something wrong with your kidney.
Fatigue And Nausea
If you always feel fatigued, then you may well be suffering from kidney infection especially if your diet and lifestyle doesn’t allow you any excuse for that. If you feel nauseated and you feel like throwing up on slightest provocation or even without one, consult a doctor immediately.

Fever is also a symptom of kidney infection. Usually a little fever goes along with a kidney infection and a high fever with shivers goes with higher infections. However, it may also be because of some other problems. So don’t panic and have a thorough body check up to know about it.

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