Pomelo is the largest amongst all the citrus fruits. Find out information on health and nutrition benefits of eating pomelo.

Health Benefits Of Pomelo

Originally from the Southeast Asian countries, pomelo is the largest among all citrus fruits. It is widely grown in countries like India, China, Japan, Fiji, the Caribbean and USA. Also known as Chinese grapefruit, Bali lemon, lime large, jabong, lusho fruit, pompelmous and shaddock, pomelo is the most exotic citrus fruit that looks like an ancestor to grape fruit. The fruit is capable of adapting to dry climatic conditions and can grow as large as 30 cm in diameter and can weigh up to 25 lb. The pulp of the fruit is found in various colors, ranging from pale yellow to pink or red. The rind is very thick, but soft and easy to peel away and contains all the good nutrients. Pomelo helps in getting rid of diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and other small and big infections. It also helps in flushing out all the impurities and toxic materials from the body. A glass of pomelo juice is sufficient to immune your body against various life threatening health issues. Read on to get enlightened about the health and nutrition benefits of consuming pomelo. Also, check out its nutritional value.
Nutritional Value Of Pomelo
Amount of Pomelo: 1 cup
Total Weight of Pomelo: 100 g

Basic Components
0.6 g
0.2 g
Total Calories
Calories From Carbohydrate
Calories From Fat
Calories From Protein
Total Carbohydrate
9.2 g
Dietary Fiber
1.2 g
7 g

Nutrition Benefits Of Eating Pomelo
  • Though pomelo juice is acidic in nature, it helps in the digestive process of the body, by having an alkaline reaction after digestion.
  • Pomelo rind contains huge amount of bioflavonoid that can stop the cancer cells from spreading the effect of breast cancer in a patient, by making the body get rid of the excess estrogen.
  • The high amount of vitamin C present in the body makes the fruit an effective stimulant that facilitates in strengthening and maintaining the elastic nature of the arteries.  
  • Pomelo is also effective against fatigue, diabetes, fever, insomnia, sore throat, stomach and pancreatic cancer and other such infectious diseases.
  • Pomelo contains pectin which proves to be very effective in reducing the accumulation of arterial deposits in the body, thereby clearing out all the impurities.
  • Pomelo is also useful in reducing the cholesterol count in the body, thus saving you from running the risk of various heart related problems. 
  • Pomelo can also prove out to be useful for people seeking out weight loss. The fat burning enzyme in pomelo absorbs and reduces the starch and sugar content in the body contributing towards weight loss.
  • Pomelo is also useful in cleaning the RBCs which are very essential for the body to breathe fresh air. It keeps the RBCs away from all sorts of toxins and impurities.
Cooking Tips
  • The pulp of the fruit is used in salads, while the peel is used to make candies.
  • In China, the citrus peel of pomelo is often used for flavoring, especially in a sweet soup dessert.
  • To prepare the juice, cut the fruit into quarters and peel off the skin. Leave as much rind as possible to get maximum anti-cancer benefits.

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