Leaky gut syndrome does cause a lot of uneasiness if not kept in check. Here are ways to get rid of leaky gut syndrome.

How To Get Rid Of Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome is the name given to a condition of the small intestine, whose major function is to filter the nutrients from the food and pass them into the blood stream. The small intestine also contains waste, toxins, and other materials, which need to be expelled from the body. When they get absorbed by the blood, they contaminate other organs too thus affecting their functioning . The liver, as a result, gets overworked, as it tries to get rid of the waste products. Various causes could lead to this condition, including poor diet, infections, the presence of bacteria, and taking antibiotics in large dosages. Thus, at the end of the day, this condition too is related to the lifestyle, its cure is also in a changed lifestyle. Here are ways to cure the leaky Gut Syndrome.
Getting Rid Of Leaky Gut Syndrome 
Keep Bowel Clean 
The first step to getting rid of the leaky gut syndrome is bowel cleansing, which is a means of detoxifying the small intestine or ridding it of all the waste that needs to be dispelled. The market is flooded with a great number of fibres that aid this detoxification process. When it comes to the leaky gut syndrome, psyllium seed and husk are preferred by many, so is citrus pectin. You could try a combination of both since psyllium is known for expelling huge amounts of toxins while citrus pectin helps to nourish and repair the damaged portions of the small intestine.
Med’s The Word 
You must remember to cut down your intake of certain over-the-counter pills and medication, especially non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), for instance acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and naproxen. In addition to that, antacids and pain relievers, like aspirin, can also play havoc with your digestive tract as well, so try to avoid these products whenever possible.
Supplements For The Gut Feelings 
Another effective way of curing or getting rid of intestinal permeability is to supplement your diet with certain vitamins and minerals as well as a few herbs and their extracts. Vitamin A and zinc are the two most important ingredients when it comes to curing the leaky gut syndrome, since both substances help restore the strength of the gastrointestinal tract. One should also include, in food and as supplements, a healthy intake of the amino acid glutamine, which serves to increase the health of the cells within your intestines and this bring down the level of permeability; you could also find a supplement containing glucosamine and cysteine (NAC). Herbs have also been noticed to bring down the permeability of your digestive tract, so incorporate certain beneficial herbs like slippery elm, aloe, milk thistle, and licorice. All these products will show positive effect on the lining of your intestines.
Oils Are Essential 
You could include certain essential oils such as fish oils and flaxseed oils to your diet. In addition to that, it is also equally important to include digestive enzymes to help your body digest food in the most beneficial manner.

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