Have you given into your sugar cravings lately? You know it’s bad for you, but you just can’t help yourself. Read on to know how to get rid of a sweet tooth.

How To Get Rid Of A Sweet Tooth

We’re all fans of sugary delights – Cakes, donuts, sweets, cookies, chocolates, ice creams; the list goes on and on. However, do you know where to draw the line or you are just living to eat sweets? The sweet foods you binge on are not really capable of complementing your health. Yes, sugary snacks can gratify your taste buds like no other food can, but they do more harm than good, and that’s a fact. All the servings of sugar (refined) imbibed by you can, not only make you fat, but can also expose you to one of the greatest threats faced by humanity, diabetes. If sugar forms a large chunk of your diet, you again expose yourself to a number of deviations from the normal – tiredness, irritability, anxiousness, obesity and even insomnia. Everything said and done, it is pretty difficult to eliminate your sweet tooth (teeth), but something has to be done, and fast. It’s not necessary to completely plug out sugar from your diets, it’s just important to exercise control and not jump off the cliff when it comes to giving into your sugary cravings. Read on to know tips, which will help you get rid of your sweet tooth, and affix humungous doses of health, to your diet.
How To Get Rid Of Sweet Cravings 
  • Make a plan, a dietary tactic that cuts off excess intake of sugar and eliminate loop holes. Discover where and when you’re most likely to give into your cravings and fulfill these cravings with healthy alternatives. Instead of eating a sugary donut, opt for an apple or a handful of almonds. It’s going to be tough in the beginning, but in time you will learn to master your cravings.
  • Think citrus, think vitamin C! Oranges, lemons and grapes are fruits that are rich in vitamin C and help lower blood sugar levels and dampen the damaging effects of sugar.
  • Apply portion control in your diet. You may feel like ‘taking in’ a large piece of chocolate cake, but ask yourself whether you really need to have a large serving. You can always make do with a small serving. You’ll soon realize that by eating smaller amounts of sugary snacks, you’re not only reaping the health benefits of eating less, but you’re also getting to eat the food that you love so much. Learn to live – Less is more!
  • Say ‘No’ to caffeine! Caffeine disrupts your blood-sugar balance and also makes you long for sugar. It’s no mystery; you now know why you just need to have something sweet with your cup of coffee. Substitute your daily doses of caffeine with green tea. The antioxidants present in green tea can assist in getting your blood sugar levels back to normal and can also help in controlling your cravings for sugar.
  • Go natural – If you really need to eat something sweet, eat a snack that’s not loaded with refined sugars or a snack that’s not overtly processed. Almonds, fruits, honey, or snacks prepared with brown sugar (unrefined sugar) can help you arrive at this end. This way, your love for all things sweet does not go unsatisfied.
There you have it, tips, that if implemented can help in getting rid of your sweet tooth, but remember, you don’t need to completely cut off sugar from your diet as that would be penance. Learn to make informed decisions, read food labels, avoid processed foods, paddle away from caffeine, but once in a way, feel free to cheat, have a large piece of cake. Treat yourself, just don’t go overboard.

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