Clear liquid diet is the best bet for those suffering from nausea & dehydration. This diet is also prescribed before any surgery. To know more on clear liquid diet benefits and plan, read on.

Clear Liquid Diet

Are you suffering from bouts of nausea? Have disruptive bowl movements caused your body to dehydrate? If yes, then gulping on some clear liquid diet may offer you some instant relief. Clear liquid diet, as this liquid diet is clinically referred as, is basically any see-through drink that mainly consists of clear liquids like water, broth or plain gelatin. Clear liquid diet is often medically prescribed to anyone due for a medical test or surgery, which calls for a clean stomach. Clear liquid diet is easy to digest and leaves no undigested residue in the intestinal tract. What more, this liquid diet hydrates the body, boosting it with powerful electrolytes like sodium and potassium and also provides a shot of energy. For this reason, clear liquid diet is also advised for anyone suffering from intestinal infection, nausea and dehydration. Although clear liquid diet is mostly referred to transparent drinks, it also involves beverages and drinks like apple juice or other juice without pulp, mineral water, broths and soups, gelatin, popsicles and so on. However, clear diet is not prescribed for long term consumption, as it is not wholly sufficient for providing the body with full nourishment. To know more on the benefits of clear liquid diet and a clear liquid diet plan, read on.
Clear Liquid Diet Benefits
  • Clear liquid diet is often recommended for all kinds of gastrointestinal illness, and is especially advised to anyone suffering from diarrhea and vomiting. Gastrointestinal infections impair the intestinal cells, making it difficult to absorb solid, fats and protein foods. However, clear liquid diet that primarily comprises of sugar and water, provides instant relief.
  • Diarrhea can often lead to a more severe symptom of dehydration and lack of carbs, thereby impeding fast intestinal recovery. Although plain water is good to battle all symptoms of dehydration, clear liquid diet is likely to leave one with a great shot of energy.
  • Apart from gastrointestinal disorders, clear liquid diet can also be used to combat obesity. An obese can take to clear liquids like tea, soups, and juices without pulps, along with other nutritious grub, to lose weight easily and effectively. 
  • Clear liquid diet is often prescribed by physicians before any medical tests, especially ones pertaining to colon. Treated as a colon cleanser, it is given to patients to clean their bowels before tests like colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, various X-rays and more.
Clear Liquid Diet Plan
Breakfast: One cup juice, three fourths cup of clear broth, one popsicle, and one cup of herbal tea with sugar or honey.
Morning snack: One cup of a clear sports drink.
Lunch: One-half of a cup of juice, three-fourths cup of clear broth, three-fourths cup of lemon-lime soda, one-half cup of lemon gelatin.
Afternoon snack: One popsicle
Evening meal: One-half cup of juice, three-fourths cup of clear broth, three-fourths cup of ginger ale, one-half cup of flavored gelatin, and one cup of herbal tea with honey or sugar.
Evening snack: One cup of flavored gelatin.

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