Weight loss need not be a yearlong weight (puns intended) for the efforts to bear fruit. Here are tips for losing weight rapidly.

Rapid Weight Loss

We are a generation bred on intolerance and we are proud of it. We are restless and want everything NOW! We no longer believe in the old adage that “Patience pays” – the new axiom goes “Impatience exacts.” We get agitated when the internet browser takes more than two seconds to respond and rely on instant everything—from noodles to relationships. So why should we wait for three weeks to lose weight? Why can’t we just have it now? Many people must have felt this way and their concerns aren’t unfounded. No one these days has the time to wait for months or years to get back in shape, but are misled into thinking that any change in the body is a long drawn process—if it doesn’t take time, it isn’t working right. This is one thing that moves the generation I (I stands for Impatience) to question the very ideas they were brought up with. The fact, however, is far from it. There are healthy ways to lose weight quickly—they not only help you shed kilos they also prevent us from regaining that lost weight. Here are some tips for rapid weight loss.
Quick Weight Loss Tips 
Here are some tips for losing weight quickly:
Cut The Fat 
With regard to fat, the research is clear: diets too high in fat promote weight gain and obesity. It is best for anyone to consume no more than one fourth of one’s calories from fat, which in turn should belong to the non-saturated category. The non-saturated fatty acids will promote the production of HDL or “good cholesterol” in the body, which helps to keep the body warm during winters and also burns quicker than the saturated ones. The latter types are responsible for the production of LDL or “bad cholesterol” which is responsible not only for obesity but also heart related lifestyle ailments.
Drink A Little Water 
It is, in fact, common knowledge that water not only acts as a solvent for a lot of vitamins and minerals that we consume but is also responsible for carrying nutrients into and wastes out of cells. As a rule of thumb, you should drink a half-ounce of water for every pound of body weight daily, unless you’re very active, in which case you should increase your water intake to two-thirds of an ounce per pound of body weight daily. For instance, if you weigh 100 pounds, your water intake should be at least 50 ounces of water a day to begin with.
Stock Up The Fibre 
There is no exaggerating how much you can curb or even satiate your hunger by increasing your intake of dietary fiber, which is filling and yet healthy. This way, you may eat less and yet feel full and satiated. On the other hand, if you are not feeling satiated and take a large helping of salads, it doesn’t add into the body’s fat content or make you fat. A fatty diet or one too rich in carbohydrates will burn up faster and leave you feeling hungry too quickly. When it comes to proper dietary chains, experts recommend eating more fruits, vegetables and wholegrain cereals.
Get Beauty Sleep 
It is not for nothing that the term beauty sleep came up. Getting at least five to six hours of undisturbed and uninterrupted sleep is one of the first steps to getting back in shape. Sleep time is not only the time when the body rejuvenates and repairs, it also the time for the food to get digested and assimilated as energy in your body. If you are not sleeping well, one need not even guarantee that you won't lose the weight you are trying to lose. Going to bed with a relaxed mind, when you have made most of your day is an excellent way to catch good sleep. This will not only help you fall into sleep faster but will also assure that your sleep is undisturbed and that you wake up fresh.

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