Troubled by a tensed back which is making you feel like a lost warrior? Check out how to relieve back pain problem.

Cure For Back Pain

You feel like a weakened warrior every Monday morning once you get up with an experience of back pain or tightness? Back pain is one of the most common of all health problems which an average man faces. It has become a plague eating up the young generation as well, making them energy-less warriors. According to the National Institute of Health USA, back pain today is the second most common neurological disorder. The first thing that people do once they get back pain is to pick up a pain killer and gulp it down with a glass of water, only to experience the same pain a few hours later. Our body works in a systematic way and any exploitation of the designed mechanism will lead to problems like back aches. The remedy to this is not medicines, but thoughtful and efficient steps. This article provides you with few effective cures for back pain.
How To Relieve Back Pain
Maintain Good Posture
Straight erect posture is the key to get rid of any form of back pain. Good posture can reduce our chances of back pain. We slump because our back muscles are tired of holding us up straight, and this lack of energy of the back muscle is because of the bad posture in which we sit, stand, walk and carry ourselves. If you want to get rid of your back pain, it is vital for you to shift to the right posture of carrying your body.
Weight Loss
Weight loss is another effective measure that you can take up to get rid of all your back problems. Extra weight will always lead to different types of back problems. An excessive weight becomes impossible for our lower part of the body to balance leading to stressful back. You need to start working seriously towards maintaining healthy weight for your body structure.
The kind of a mechanical life we lead, we hardly get any time to provide some sort of exercise to our body. This so called ‘comfortable’ life can also be one of the problems of back pain and other back related traumas in near future. It is very important for the body parts to change position from time to time or else they will get rigid and will start paining. Therefore, to save yourself from the risk of any back problems make sure that you change your position or stretch your back and limbs constantly.
Exercise is the best way to get rid of any form of body problem. Join a gym, take up dance classes, learn swimming or sports like martial arts or get involved in any activity that provides movement to all your body parts. Providing a stipulated time of exercise to your body every day will prove out to be very effective against back pain.
Hot/Cold Therapy
Hot and cold therapy can also be very helpful for back pain. Heat therapy relaxes the muscles and soothes away the pain, and the cold therapy numbs down the pain and relieves the muscle from all tensions. Taking a long hot bath, heating pads and warm compresses can all work wonders for back pain. You can shift between hot and cold to get benefits from both the methods by applying heat to the pain for 15 min and then switch to cold compresses like ice-pack, frozen vegetable pack etc for another 15 minutes.
Get A Pet
Get home a dog and get rid of your back pain. It has been medically proven that owning a pet can lower down the blood pressure of a person and relieve tension. Another effective benefit of getting a pet with regard to back pain is that having a pet like a dog means you will have to take it out for a walk and play with it. This will give you enough exercise and your back and limbs enough movement for them to function freely.
Avoid Repetitious Motions
Avoid as far as possible to involve yourself repeatedly in the same kind of action or motion such as bending, twisting, turning and lifting. These continuous movements will cause stress to the back. But, if you don’t have any choice, try and be wise in your actions, like if you want to lift something get down on your knees, keep your back straight and then lift the item.
Rest taking is the ultimate remedy for your back pain condition. Most of us experience fatigue and twinges in our back but hardly anyone stops and give some rest to the back. Make it a point that whenever you feel tired in your back and you feel a twinge, slow down and if possible sit down and take some rest before moving forward. Providing rest is a way of respecting the respond of the body which is necessary for the health of the body.

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