Back pain can occur due to simple causes but have enormous repercussions. Explore the article to know more on treating back pain at home.

Treating Back Pain At Home

One of the most common causes of discomfort, back pain causes the nerves to go on an overdrive, shooting pain signals throughout the body. This is because the back contains the spine, which is a complex network of nerves, joints, muscles, and ligaments that are likely to produce pain at the slightest stress. Back pain comes as silent as a mime without you even knowing when you caused the strain to the back muscles. And the sudden pain that you experience in the back is more likely the cause of the strain that has occurred earlier. Lifting heavy things, bending down, twisting the body and sitting for long duration are the most common causes of back pain. The pain shoots up like a bolt of electricity that can sometimes be so strong to leave you paralyzed for a moment. Back pain is a cause of concern as even a slight pain can engulf your entire back leaving you almost incapable of mobility. Since, back pain is quite a common problem it is better to have remedies on hand so that the pain does not hinder you in your day-to-day work. In the article given below are the various home remedies for back pain.
Home Remedies For Back Pain 
  • If the back pain is the result of any injury then apply an icepack on the affected area within 24 hours. This will help contain the inflammation in the injured area. It will numb the nerves that send the pain signals and so ease the pain a lot. To make an ice pack, take some ice cubes in a plastic bag and then cover the entire bag in a thin towel. Place the ice pack in the affected area for 20 minutes and then remove it. Apply again after 30 minutes.
  • A hot bath is an excellent way to get rid of back pain as it increases the elasticity of the muscles. A shower won’t be of much help. Instead, you will have to soak in a hot water tub for 30 minutes. However, this should be avoided by pregnant women .
  • To relieve an aching back, another good option is to lie flat on your back with two pillows underneath the knees. However, too much of bed rest can be detrimental so it is better to get up and move around so that continuous rest doesn’t weaken the muscles.
  • Massaging the back with herbal oils is another effective remedy. The masseur should massage the back using the knuckles while increasing the pressure gradually. This will get rid of the pain as it relaxes the muscles.
  • When you are suffering from back pain, never bend down from the waist. If you want to lift something, then bend the knees first so that the lower back doesn’t get tense, causing stress to the spine and back muscles. Also, don’t try to twist your back and lift heavy objects.
  •  Sit and sleep in firm chair and bed. Support your lower back with a pillow to keep it in proper position.
  • Mix equal amounts of khas khas (poppy seeds) and sugar cubes into powder. Mix 6 grams of the mixture in milk and drink a glass twice a day. This will provide relief against the pain.
  • Exercises provide excellent relief against back pain. When the back pain starts, the best exercise that you can do is to lie on your back and slowly raise both legs upwards as far as you can and then hold your breath. Keep the legs up for some time and then bring the legs down.
  • Another exercise is to lie on your back and keep the hands slightly apart from the body. Place both the feet together. Take a deep breath and then relax your entire body. Stay relaxed for 30 seconds and then turn your feet in one direction and the head in the other while inhaling. Hold the breath and hold that position. Exhale and then reverse the process. Return to the original position and then repeat this exercise in the other direction.

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