Does your urine emit a strong foul odor? If yes, then glance through the article to learn about the causes and symptoms of smelly urine and help yourself get rid of this embarrassing health condition.

Smelly Urine Symptoms And Causes

Many people might complain of a foul smell in their urine excretion. This is one of the problems which mainly occurs due to urinary tract infections and other problems. Generally, the smell that the urine of a healthy hydrated person produces is tolerable and clear. However, pungent or fishy smell urine is embarrassing and can be the indication of the onset of an infection or any other problem. A strong odor emanating from urine can also be a sign of a serious illness. There can be an array of causes and symptoms for foul urine, the most prominent one being dehydration, which can be taken care of by increasing the intake of fluids. However, there are certain other serious causes and symptoms that require medical attention. This article provides information about the different symptoms and causes of urine odor.
Causes Of Urine Odor
  • The most famous and common cause for a smelly urine is the urinary tract infection (UTI), most common in females. Urinary tract infection is caused due to the attack of bacteria on the bladder or the kidneys, which results in damaging the tissues. Women are more susceptible to recurrent UTI with about 20-50% of women suffering from UTI. Though UTI can even cause foul smell in the urine of men, it is less likely to infect males.
  • Dehydration can also be one of the reasons for smelly urine. Inadequate fluid consumption reduces the volume of urine and makes it highly concentrated. Concentrated form of urine has a strong odor and a different color.
  • Getting involved in any sexual intercourse after a long gap can also lead to urinary tract infection, making your urine get the ammonia odor. People having multiple sexual partners or people who are sexually active can also be attacked by UTI.
  • Liver issues can also lead to musty smelling urine excretion. People diagnosed with a liver disease often suffer from this possibility. Phenylketonuria, an inherited and rare metabolic fault, can also lead to the situation.
  • A person diagnosed with high blood sugar level also runs the risk of having a foul smell in his/her urine. This is because the sugar gets passed down to the urinary tract, giving the urine a characteristic sweet smell. A foul odor in urine is often taken as a possible symptom for diabetes.
  • Some of the edible items can also lead to the problem of smelly urine in a person. Asparagus, onion, garlic are few of the many foods that lead to the particular problem. Asparagus often passes down to the urine through kidneys, giving it a distinctive odor. Some of the medicinal supplements provided by doctors during various medicinal conditions can also cause a foul smell in urine. 
  • You can also experience a burned caramel smell in your urine, which is a sign of a rare life-threatening inherited maple syrup urine disease.
  • Pregnancy is one of the reasons in causing UTI condition in women, making them excrete foul smelling urine.
Symptoms Of Urine Odor
  • Cystitis or bladder infection is one of the glaring symptoms of the condition of smelly urine.
  • Kidney stones can also be one of the symptoms of urine odor. If you experience painful urination or frequent urge to urinate, you are definitely having kidney stones, which are nothing but calcium deposits in the kidney. Few stones stay and few of them break loose and pass out along with the urine, giving it a different odor.
  • Any color change in your urine is also a symptom of the pungent odor. You will always experience bad smell and color change in urine together. Urine can change color for many reasons. Dark or red color in urine can be because of some serious disease.

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