Get natural answers for several health related issues, by consuming herbal tea minus caffeine. Go through the article to explore a list of herbal tea remedies.

Herbal Tea Remedies

There is nothing like being served a hot cup of tea early in the morning. It not only refreshes you from the sleepiness, but also prepares you for the day’s hectic schedule. Tea is the second best beverage consumed after water today. Though tea does have certain benefits tagged to it, the amount of caffeine consumed with each cup of tea cannot be neglected. This disadvantage of tea paved way for the acceptance and popularity of the herbal tea. Herbal tea or ‘tisane’ is an herbal infusion made out of leaves, dried flowers, seeds and roots of particular herbs. The herbal variant of tea has gained a significant place in the herbal medicinal sector and has been used to cure many health issues over centuries together. This article provides you with the list of remedies obtained by consuming herbal teas. Read on and know the benefits of consuming different types of herbs in the form of tea.
List Of Herbal Tea Remedies
  • Herbal tea is very useful for an individual who wants to reduce his/her intake of caffeine, due to the consumption of ordinary tea and coffee. Herbal tea helps in healing insomnia, menstrual pain and aids in body detoxification.
  • Certain herbs like Saint John’s wort, kava, skullcap, etc have a calming and stabilizing effect on the mind. Hence, tea prepared from such herbs can be used as a remedy for mild cases of depression and anxiety symptoms. However, it is sometimes considered to be risky to use herbal remedies for depression.
  • Herbs, like the licorice root, prove to be very effective in treating stomach ulcers. People suffering from peptic ulcers can also be given licorice root tea, prepared from ½ tsp licorice root powder steeped in a cup of boiling water. Two cups of this tea will help in relieving the patient. However, consumption of this tea should be limited, since excess intake can harm the body.
  • Herbal teas are best known for their digestive properties. Peppermint teas are well known for being a stomach soother and are also effective in curing gallstone problems and heartburns.
  • Herbal tea is also known to cure conditions of diverticulitis and promote digestion process. Dandelion aids the digestion process and hence, is very beneficial for the health of the liver. It is rich in potassium, which makes it extremely beneficial for the liver and digestive system of the body.
  • Herbal tea helps in curing conditions of insomnia. Chamomile tea is one such tea that has a mild and relaxing effect on the person, making him calm down and go off to sleep. Chamomile is also given to patients in the hospital to calm and reduce their feelings of pain. Apart from curing insomnia, chamomile tea also puts on track the various imbalances in the body that contribute to sleep deprivation.
  • Chamomile tea is well known for its ataractic attributes and also contains certain anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. This herbal tea can be used safely for young children and disturbed people. It can also help in improving the digestive problems. One of the interesting aspects of consumption of chamomile tea is that it separates the mind from the stomach, thus, making digestion to proceed normally, without the interception of worries and tensions.
  • There are many women who get unwanted hair on their face, legs and other parts of their body, due to the high secretion of male hormone in their body. Many studies and research have revealed that the consumption of spearmint tea by such women helps in reducing the amount of unwanted hair growth in their body.
  • Herbal tea, very surprisingly, can also help in reducing weight. Infusion of mature leaves of myrtle, sage, juniper berries and leaves of nettle can help clear your system and also control your urge to have snacks and eat at all times, thereby assisting in reducing the intake of fatty and oily substances.
  • Common herbs, like nettle, are very beneficial. Nettle leaves can have positive effect on your bones, skin, nails and hair, making them strong and healthy. Parsley can help in curing any problems of water retention in your body.
  • Fennel tea is another such herbal tea that cures long-term constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, urinary disorders, cough and bronchitis problems. This particular herbal tea increases the milk flow in nursing mothers. Fennel tea, when applied on eyes as a lotion, can cure minor eye complaints, such as irritation and morning puffiness. This tea is also beneficial against bruises, dull and oily skin, gum infection and bad breath. Fennel tea is one of the best herbal remedies for menopausal symptoms and PMS.

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