Back pain during pregnancy is a very common problem. Explore the article to know more on back pain and pregnancy.

How To Get Rid Of Back Pain During Pregnancy

The most prevalent image of a pregnant woman is she her holding her belly with one hand, and the back with the other. For the majority of the pregnant women backache is a daily and recurrent problem. Before searching for the cure, it is very necessary to understand why pregnant women tend to get back pain. This is because during pregnancy the body produces a lot of hormones. A particularly important hormone that is produced is called relaxin, which softens the ligaments and the pelvis so that the baby can come out efficiently. The uterus also grows causing additional strain on the spine and back muscles. This extra weight is responsible for the recurring back pain in pregnant ladies. However, no matter how severe the back pain is there are various methods through which it can be alleviated. This will not only prevent the simple back pain from turning into a chronic one but also make the pregnancy a less stressful affair. To know more go through the article below on how to get rid of back pain during pregnancy.
Getting Rid Of Back Pain During Pregnancy 
  • Soaking in a bathtub is a good way to relieve the pain. However, take care that the water is not hot as it can be harmful to the baby.
  • Apply cold packs and hot packs to the area in the back where the pain occurs. These are very effective in relaxing the muscles and ligaments that are strained.
  • When you sleep, you should use especially designed pregnancy pillows to get rid of the pain. There are pregnancy pillows known as snoozer pillows that pregnant women can prop up while lying on the side. These pillows are designed for side sleeping and they are large enough and shaped such that you can place the pillows under your head and between the knees at the same time.
  • If the pregnancy is in the initial stages and you suffer from back pain then the best way to get relief from the pain is to do some light exercises. These exercises should focus on stretching and strengthening the leg and back muscles. The best exercise is to swim, as it is very effective in relieving the lower back pain. In addition, the water prevents you from exerting any undue stress.
  • Pregnant women should also sit straight to avoid the back pain. When sitting avoid the cushioned chair. Don’t sit for long periods and take frequent breaks.
  • Massaging the back gently also provides enormous relief. You can use aromatic oils to heighten the effect. The massage will relax the strained back muscles and provide you with instant relief.
  • If the back pain is very severe, then using a maternity supportive belt can be a lot of help. This type of belt supports the back and so even if you are standing, walking, or lying down it prevents the pain in the back.
  • It is important that you wear the right footwear if you have back pain during pregnancy. The shoes should be comfortable to wear and not strain the legs and back. So, avoid wearing heels and instead, wear light flats.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. If your diet is rich in nutrients like calcium, it will help you to get rid of the pain faster. So, include plenty of green leafy vegetables, fruits, and milk products in your diet.

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