Obesity, junk food and unhealthy lifestyle are largely affecting young children these days. Read the article to find out how to help kids to lose weight.

Weight Loss Programs For Children

Obesity, today, is not just a concern among adults. The problem has become rampant among children as well. The fast lifestyle has hardly left any time for working parents to spend quality time with their kids. As a result, kids indulge in unhealthy lifestyle and bad eating habits, leading them towards the dreadful medical condition, obesity. Add to this, indulgence in video games which causes lack of physical activity and you have a serious and grave problem to deal with. Childhood obesity should be corrected at the earliest as ignoring it can lead to other problems, such as diabetes, heart diseases, stroke and arthritis. Hence, it becomes important on the parents’ part to modify their lifestyle, inculcate good eating habits in their kids and involve them in as much physical activity as possible. Go through the article to find some weight loss programs for children and help them lose weight.
How To Help Kids To Lose Weight
It is highly significant to motivate your child to lose weight, as he/she may find it difficult to resist the cravings initially. A lot of pushing and positive energy is necessary for kids. A great way to encourage children to lose weight would be to enroll yourself in the weight loss program as well. With parents as role models, the child would automatically be motivated and encouraged to eat a healthy diet.
Encourage Exercise
Instead of making your child a couch potato, get him/her involved in any kind of aerobic activity to help lose those extra kilos. Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, bike riding and rollerblading are great ways to burn calories as well as have fun. Encourage your kid to be active throughout the day using other productive methods, such as using stairs instead of the elevator or walking down to a friend’s house or grocery store instead of driving, playing outdoor sports instead of indoor games and so on. You can have activities wherein the entire family is involved, such as family walks, hikes and picnics.
Choose Healthy & Nutritious Foods
Inculcate the habit of eating three small meals and two small snacks, so that your child is not empty stomach for long periods, which can otherwise land him bingeing on chips, chocolates and other fatty foods. Include lots of fruits, green leafy vegetables and water in your kid’s diet. Opt for low-fat foods like skimmed milk and low-fat yogurts or cheese. Prefer low-fat snacks like popcorn or pretzels instead of potato chips, cakes and cookies.
Change Your Family’s Eating Habits
Do not make eating a habit for your child. Instead, encourage eating only when he feels hungry and not thirsty. Mind it, people often confuse between hunger pangs and water needs, which leads them to putting on excess weight and your child is no less. Serve family meals only in the kitchen or dining room to stay away from distractions, like watching the television or playing computer games. If your kid eats while watching television, neither you nor he may be aware of how much food he is consuming and will ultimately end up overeating.
Follow-up With Your Pediatrician
Take your child to the doctor regularly after every two weeks and have a weight check and blood test done. Avoid checking weight at home on a daily basis as minor fluctuations can land your child under stress. If the results are as desired, then reward your child by giving him gifts. This would act as a positive reinforcement and help your child lose more weight. You can go for a new bicycle or a t-shirt or even the latest novel of his favorite author, but never food coupons.
Be Supportive
To help your child lose weight, it is essential for the entire family to change its way of eating. Avoid keeping a lot of junk food at home. Junk food at home would make your child greedy and come in between his weight loss measures. Have carrot sticks, celery and fruit on hand instead. Support your child and provide a lot of encouragement for effective changes in weight loss and in no time you would be surprised to have a fit and healthy child.

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