Migraine is an incapacitating condition that affects one in five people throughout the world. Read further to explore its various causes and tips to prevent it from occurring.

How To Stop Migraines

Migraine is not merely a headache. It is an intense and immobilizing pain which can hinder you in performing all your day to day tasks. This headache generally lasts from several hours to several days together, causing great anguish for scores of people suffering from it. Migraine frequently leads to nausea, fatigued appearance, and an excruciating pain on one or both the sides of the head. It can also give rise to symptoms of epilepsy or seizures. On the other hand, leaving the physical discomfiture behind, the expenditure incurred due to this problem is also tremendous. And the costs accrued are due to treatments, urgent situational necessities, hospital admission, consultation fees, and establishing the cause, all these apart from coping with other related consequences. However, these are just some implicit costs. There are also other evident expenditures if you go for therapies to combat migraine. An overwhelming majority of patients lists headache as their biggest problem and according to one survey it is also one of the major factors contributing towards loss of productivity at work. Migraines are tough to cure but not impossible to prevent using alternative medicine though their effectiveness is quite limited. Some of the commonly used remedies are listed in the article below which you can use to control the migraine attacks.
Migraine Prevention Tips
  • Calcium channel blockers, beta blockers, anti-seizure tablets, antidepressants etc. can provide some relief during sudden attacks. Though these medicines can’t alleviate migraine completely they can at least control the effects. But medical consultation is advised before taking these medicines as they are notorious for their side effects.
  • A few medical practitioners have started using Botox to paralyze the muscles of the neck with the intention of controlling migraines. So, this can also be another good option.
  • A therapy known as Triptans has been found effective in stopping migraine before it gets too serious. Even though this treatment has aided the migraine patients to cope up with the turmoil better, it has also given rise to grave latent lateral consequences, such as strokes. This therapy is also pretty costly. It can also result in obsessive craving or over reliability on the medications.
  • Acupuncture can mitigate migraine by eliminating the obstructions of energy in the body, and reinstating the normal flow of blood. This is achieved by controlling the minute capillaries that tightens to induce a migraine.
  • Aromatherapy can also be very useful in reducing migraine to a large extent. Pouring drops of lavender oil on a compact container placed on the head can effectively get rid of the migraine headache.
  • Another form of cure called the Chiropractic treatment can also be sought. The Chiropractic therapy can assist in adjusting the bones in the spine, and the neck, liberating the stress from confined blood vessels, thereby facilitating the blood to surge smoothly across the body and the nervous system. This therapy also de-stresses and stimulates the nervous system, and so it is quite effective in reducing the number of migraine attacks.
  • Drinking a piping hot mug of ginger tea, made of raw and fresh ginger, at the advent of migraine, can halt the pain to a great extent.
  • And above all, the simplest and the easiest way to check migraine is to drink abundant amount of water. You need to drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily. Water is capable of eliminating toxic chemicals that produces migraine.  

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