This article provides everything you wanted to know about nature’s wonder herb, ‘hops’. To know more about the health and nutrition benefits of eating hops, glance through the article.

Health Benefits Of Hops

Hop, a member of the ‘cannabises’ family, is an herb that was traditionally used to provide relaxation, sedation and treat insomnia. It is a perennial climbing vine bearing scaly and cone shaped fruits called hops. Being a temperate European plant, hops is cultivated in Czech Republic, Poland, England and Germany. It is also found in the United States, South America and Australia. There have been many methodological studies and research conducted on hops, in combination with valerian, for the treatment of sleep disturbances. Several animal studies have also been conducted to examine the sedative property of hops in mesotherapy. Hops are not a major antibiotic herb but can help in elevating many infections, inflammations and health issues. This article brings forth the health and nutrition benefits of using hops in our daily life.
Nutrition Benefits Of Eating Hops
  • Hops is said to have hypnotic properties. There have been many researches conducted to evaluate the effect of hops on the sleep quality of a person. Consumptions of hops is said to cure problems of insomnia in a person.
  • Hops is not a major herbal antibiotic. However, the anti-bacterial factors present in hops help in preventing infections. In cases of small cuts and scrapes, some crushed flower tops when applied on the wound can provide instant relief.
  • Hop was used as a sedative in traditional times. It was used as an agent to relax and soothe a person and reduce the effects of anxiety. There are few animal studies that suggest the sedative properties of hop; however, there has been limited human research in this area.
  • Hops is said to contain anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it is beneficial in the treatment of arthritis.
  • The alcoholic hop extracts have been used by doctors in China in different dosages to cure different forms of diseases, such as leprosy, pulmonary tuberculosis and acute bacterial dysentery. Lupulon and Humulon are some of the other antibiotic bitter acids present in the herb, which provide partial effectiveness in treatments involving hops.
  • Hops is quite effective in treating dandruff problem. The derived hop extracts when rubbed into the scalp help to deal with this problem. For this, you need to shampoo your hair. Once washed, apply the hop extract properly. Then, rinse the hair using plain water. This treatment helps in the prevention and control of dandruff and flaky skin in the scalp.
  • Hops help in relaxing and soothing the muscles in the digestive tract.
  • Hops is good for people suffering from anxiety, hyperactivity, nervousness, body pain, restlessness, sexually transmitted disease, shock, stress, toothaches and different ulcers.
  • Hops consumption proves to be useful in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseaases .
Culinary Uses
  • Hops shoots can be used to serve and prepare different types of meals. You can prepare hop shoots by boiling them in water for 2 to 3 minutes. Once the shoots are boiled, change the water and steam the spears until tender. These cooked hops shoots can be served with some melted butter or cheese sauce for lunch or dinner.
  • Hops is an essential ingredient that is used in brewing beer. Apart from that, it is also used to season beer. The bitterness in beer is because of the resin in the hop cone’s lupulin glands.
  • The oils and other extracts from hops are used in different products. It is one of the ingredients used to flavor yeast, candy and gelatins. It is also used to spice up ice creams and puddings, baked goods, chewing gums and even different condiments.

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