Sleepy but need to stay awake? Read up for some good tips to stay awake.

Ways To Stay Awake

You would have surely watched one of the better episodes of Tom and Jerry, where Jerry tries to stay awake to ensure that he doesn’t get killed. Little Jerry sits beside a huge coffee pot, and he keeps gulping from it every few minutes. As he drinks, his eyes seem to open, and a few seconds later, they shut again. It may feel hilarious, but finding yourself in that situation is not remotely funny? You may have wanted to stay awake because you were expecting that important phone call, or because you wanted to watch a really good late-night series? Or it may be to catch up on some much-delayed work or because you wanted to draw up with your correspondence. However, after the clock ticks the Cinderella bell, you may just get forced to close your eyes and miss all that important work. If you really struggle to keep awake, the following ways to stay awake will surely help you.
How To Keep Awake
This is the most obvious, most well known way in which to keep those sleep bugs at bay. Coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant to your senses. However, avoid over-doing it, since caffeine is addictive and can also have its own side effects.
Interestingly, coke also contains caffeine, which will help you stay awake. However overdoing it may create stones in your kidney.
It maysound weird but it’s true, apples, in fact, work better than coffee or any other substance with caffeine. Moreover, it is healthier alternative to any other method.
Eat something sweet to help you stay awake. When sugars are ingested, the body “wakes up” to assimilate the sugars. Your blood sugar levels go up slightly, which stimulate your entire body.
Water stimulates your system and refreshes it. You can even splash it on your face or even take a swimming break to help you refresh.
Natural Oils
Whether you believe it or not, the scent of natural oils would really wake you up and keep you alert. It would be beneficial to carry along a small bottle of any natural oil (eucalyptus, scots pine, rosemary, peppermint, lavender, etc.) and smell it when you are feeling exceptionally sleepy.
You could try gently massaging the following areas to improve blood circulation and to help keep you awake – the top of your back of your neck, just below the knees, the top of your head, the back of your hand just between the thumb and your index finger, earlobes. 
Bright Light
Exposure to bright light can wake you up like nothing else can. If you are at a desk job and just can’t stay awake, look out of the window for just five minutes. You will feel more alert. 
Eat Less
Avoid a full stomach. Break down your food into smaller doses instead of going for a huge meal. This will keep your sugar levels optimum and help you stay awake. 
Listen to energizing music. This will increase your blood pressure and definitely keep you awake. Only be sure to wear headphones so that you don’t annoy those around you.
Here’s another weird tip that actually works. Brush your teeth and use a mouthwash. There’s something about toothpaste and mouthwash that stimulates the senses and makes you feel fresh.

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