Calcium supplements are associated with a range of benefits for human body, but they have some disturbing side effects as well. Explore the article to know the dangers of calcium supplements.

Calcium Supplements Side Effects

Calcium consumption is essential for the health of our teeth and bones. It is also a crucial mineral as regards to prevention of blood clotting, conducting nerve impulses, stimulating hormone secretions, regulating heartbeat and aiding many other vital functions of human body. A decided intake of calcium on a daily basis is indispensable, as the body looses the mineral through skin, nails, excretion and sweat. As such, it is natural to go for calcium supplements to supply the body with the required amount of calcium. However, these supplements are also associated with some negative effects. In case you want to know the side effects of consuming calcium supplements in detail, read on.
Dangers Of Calcium Supplements
Nausea & Vomiting
Higher doses of calcium can lead to nausea, which can be followed by vomiting. Similar is the effect when calcium supplements are consumed without having any food or on an empty stomach. This can have an adverse effect on the complete digestive system. In case these side effects are experienced, one should change the brand of calcium supplement, or decrease the intake.
When calcium supplements are consumed in excess, they can lead to constipation. As such, it becomes difficult to get rid of body waste, which leads to other associated problems. This is one of the more common side effects of calcium supplements, as seen in many people. It also causes the stomach to bloat and sometimes, even leads to pain.
Calcium Toxicity
Raised levels of calcium in the blood can result in calcium toxicity. When the amount of calcium consumed is more than what the body requires, it gets deposited in the bone tissues, which is very harmful for your overall health.
Drug Interactions
Calcium supplements have a fair chance of interacting and interfering with other prescription and over-the-counter drugs that you may be taking, as recommended by the physician. They also disrupt the absorption of tetracycline and iron by the body. One should ensure that calcium supplements and other drugs are not taken together on an empty stomach.
Dry Mouth
Consumption of calcium supplements affects the saliva production by reducing the amount of saliva in the mouth. If this tendency is very prominent, problems can be caused with digestion and swallowing. This, in effect, can reduce taste. In order to prevent this, one should take smaller doses of calcium. It is advisable to consult a doctor, if reducing the intake doesn’t work.
Stomach Related Problems
Most of the side effects associated with calcium supplements are related to the stomach and digestive system. Stomach pain is a common side effect, which can persist even after reducing the calcium consumption. In this case, changing the brand of calcium supplement may work in your favor. Loss of appetite is another side effect. Belching may also result, owing to excess consumption of calcium.
Other Problems 
Some studies on calcium supplements have suggested that heart attack can be a very potent side effect of these supplements. Some of the other, rather rare side effects of calcium overdose include confusion, seizures, coma and even sudden death.

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