Read this article to know about Calcium Deposits, its causes and treatment.

Calcium Deposits

Calcium Deposit is the hardening of the bones as well as soft tissues in the body of a person. Shoulders happen to be the most common portion where this calcium deposits tend to take place, though people are known to have reported the same ailment in other parts of the body also. Initially these deposits are soft and harmless, but with time turn hard. Infact, Calcium Deposits don’t even get noticed in the beginning. It is only when the buildup gets bigger and bigger that some pain starts to be experienced by the person in that region of his / her body.   
Causes of Calcium Deposits
Sadly what is the exact cause of Calcium Deposits remains unknown even today. A rational answer could be through the consumption of calcium in food and supplements. It is common knowledge that calcium is essential for the well-being / health of the human body. Infact, it is mandatory that some patients or older aged persons take a minimum of 1000 mg calcium through diet and supplements on an everyday basis. Though the problem of Calcium Deposit can strike anybody, it is mostly women who are seen to be suffering from it than men. Especially those women who are between the age group 35 and 65.  
Treatment for Calcium Deposits
There are some treatment methods that can be employed to get relief from the ache / pain experienced due to the Calcium Deposits. Read them below: 
  • When the body part affected by Calcium Deposits gets swollen, use an ice pack on it. If it is the shoulder, then keep it from making any movement by resting the arm in a sling.
  • Certain oral medicines also prove helpful in the case of Calcium Deposits.
  • Some patients take cortisone injection, which acts as a great pain reliever.  
  • When the pain gets very intense and also frequent, then it is an indication that the Calcium Deposits have turned large. The suitable treatment for a patient under this circumstance is an arthroscopic surgery. This is normally suggested when the need for getting rid of the Calcium Deposits grows very vital.
  • Incase a person is experiencing unbearable pain because of Calcium Deposits, then it is advised he /she immediately see a doctor.

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