Constipation due to congestion in colon is a common condition that anyone can face. Now, ease out the evacuation process by just few sprays of a soluble. Read on & learn how to use an enema properly.

How To Use An Enema

Dysfunction or malfunction is what is faced when there is some sort of congestion in any kind of a machine. You need to get the machine serviced, greased and oiled to make it function back in full force. Same is the case with human body as well. Human body functions efficiently when the metabolism is carried out normally. However, a small contagion can disrupt the functioning, making our body look for medications to get back the immunity. Constipation is something that every one of us would have experienced. Constipation is a condition wherein a person finds it difficult to evacuate bowel, because of some congestion in the colon. This congestion in the colon can lead to irritable bowel syndrome and other complexities as well. Enema is one of the best methods that can be used to treat people with constipation. It is a method in which the congestion is cleared similar to the way you clear your kitchen sink. The nozzle attached to the enema bag full of a solution is injected inside the anus to squeeze in the solution into the rectum. This injection of the solution into the rectum stimulates the bowel, easing out the evacuation process. Enema can also be used to treat certain flu or fever and other chronic illnesses. If you are not comfortable in getting enema from unknown people, you can do it yourself at home with the help of an enema bag. This article provides you with guidelines on proper usage of enema.
Tips On Using Enema
  • To use the enema, remove the security cap from the tip of the enema nozzle, which has to be inserted into the rectum.
  • In case you are apprehensive about using enema and find it to be uncomfortable, using petroleum jelly to the anus would be helpful to make the insertion easy and less painful.
  • Once you have made the surface of the anus smooth by applying the jelly, lie down on the floor on your left hand side. Fold your right knee while you lie down.
  • Once you are in position, take the tip of the enema nozzle and gently move it into the rectum with your right hand. Though it is a bit uncomfortable process, it will not be much painful.
  • Once you have completely inserted the enema nozzle into the rectum, start squeezing the enema container for the enema liquid to enter the rectum. Try and squeeze in the full quantity from the container by pushing it from the bottom of the container to the top of the nozzle.
  • Once the container is empty, remove the nozzle slowly and carefully from the rectum.
  • You need to wait for the recommended period of time before releasing your bowels. A time between 1 to 15 minutes is an ideal waiting period for evacuating bowel, after taking enema. However, different enema preparations have a defined waiting time period. For e.g. if you use enema with glycerin, you need to wait for 15 minutes to 1 hour. For enema with mineral oil preparation, it requires 2-15 min of waiting. Preparation with bisacodyl, it requires 20 min to 1 hour of waiting, while preparation with sodium needs 30 min to 2 hrs of waiting.
Tips And Guidelines
  • Make sure to consult your physician before opting for enema. Use an enema that has been recommended by your physician.
  • Do not hesitate to refer to your doctor if you find it immensely uncomfortable and painful to use the enema, or if you are not able to complete the enema process or finish the solution.
  • Make sure that you are near a washroom for the next 30 min to an hour, because enema preparation is very effective in curing any bowel problems and will make you evacuate your bowels several times.

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