Did you know that workout is not the only way to be healthy? Being healthy, in fact, means following daily simple health care tips. Check out the daily health tips for guidance on healthy living.

Daily Health Tips

Health is wealth. And not only because of the age old theories that we’ve been listening to, but because health is equally difficult to earn and all the more difficult to maintain. Being healthy is not a one-day phenomenon or a one night magic spell. It is pure dedication. Health and fitness do not come only with gyms and other such workout places that we hear of daily. They come as an opportunity with every new day that we start. And believe it or not, it is never too late to cash in on that opportunity. After all, every day is the first day for the rest of your life. So, don’t wait too long for that eureka moment to strike! Take matters in your hand, before life gets unhealthy and boring. You can go ahead and get that gym membership if you want, but remember, more than anything else, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle to remain healthy and fit. Gyms can only work on a basic framework of health awareness. The results however, will only show if you team those taxing hours spent on the treadmill with a healthy lifestyle.  In the following lines, we have mentioned easy steps to make you realise how easy healthy living can be.
Daily Health Tips
Body Clock Punctuality
Gone are the days when working meant being on the desk or on the run from 9 in the morning till 6 in the evening! Today, working hours have become too flexible, which means people are working at odd hours of the night to earn their bread and butter. Another reason for staying up till the wee hours of the morning is the internet. Take a poll and you would find most of the people blaming the net for their lost sleep and insomnia. But you need to understand that maintaining a proper body clock routine and sticking with it at all times, is absolutely important. Sleeping on time and waking up on time is a good start to a day. Remember, you cannot sleep an entire day to make up for the lost sleep. You body desires and deserves punctuality!
Water, Water Everywhere!
Human body is 75% water. Maintain that ratio and keep yourself sufficiently hydrated. Any excessive drop or increase in this ratio can be devastating to your overall well being. Make sure you drink 3-5 litres of water daily. Individual water requirements depend on the built and exertion levels of a person. You should never drink too much water at one time. This causes more harm than good. 1-1½ litre should be the maximum for one go. Apart from the overall well being, water also reverses the ageing cycle of the skin and keeps it glowing. Just guzzle a glass full of water at every interval and watch yourself climb the ladder of health!
Recharge Yourself Naturally
Sleep detoxifies your body and re-energizes it at night. Even afternoon naps are extremely important, because of the role that they play in relaxing your body and improving your memory. But that doesn’t mean that you can take 15 minutes nap several times in a day and do away with the good night slumber. The body needs the night sleep to rebuild its cells - a process that takes longer than 15 minutes at a stretch. Lack of good night sleep can not only hamper your next day’s work, but also cause dry and dull skin, tired and dull eyes, hair fall and dandruff, lack of concentration, obesity and hypertension and ageing skin
Run Away From Unhealthy Life!
This is one exercise that has the potential to cure all your health issues. Yes, running is the one-size-fits-all solution that you’ve been looking for, since ages. Half an hour of jogging is what you need to stay fit and look fine. Of course, you cannot start at the age of 80. Jogging/running is an acquired habit. Ideally, this should start around mid-teens, but anything between mid-teens to mid-40s is considered fine. Running makes you sweat and dispose off the toxins of your body. It tones you physically and keeps you fit in the long run.
Watch Your Mouth!
Eating is fun, but overeating, single-handedly, causes all the fitness problems that one can think of. Never overeat. Always leave the dinner table while still a little hungry. It’ll keep you active all day. It is also advisable to follow the age-old adage of keeping your breakfast king-size, lunch like a poor man and dinner like a pauper. Avoid heavy dinner at all costs. Indulgence every once in a while is good, but eating out regularly is plain suicide. Also, the best would be to go the green way. Eat fresh veggies and fruits and cut out the spices. As for junk, you can very well do without them—know that it is all in the mind and that nothing is impossible!
Food For Soul!
While it is good to fill your stomach after every few hours, know that your mind and soul also require food. However, unlike stomach, meditation is the way to satiate your mind and soul. Yoga, especially the pranayams or the breathing exercises, is the best way to keep yourself fit. Pranayam is a healthy way of inhaling a lot of oxygen and is known to have cured discomforts like hernia, respiratory problems and even impotency. Half an hour of mediation every day can be a boon for your quest for a healthy living.
Rest Your Vision
You may be head over heels in love with your computer, but know that this love isn’t a mutual one. While you pay all your attention to the new idiot-box, it slowly kills the youth of your eyes and ages them prematurely. So, take a break. Instead of staring at the screen for hours, just switch off your system and rest your eyes. At the time of working, make sure you wear protective glasses and look away after every couple of minutes.
Smile - An Everlasting Smile!
Happy is healthy. Do not crowd yourself with negative thoughts and events. Instead, practice optimism. While many of you might complain that this is not your cup of tea, know that optimism is not in-born, but an acquired habit, which can be attained with practice and will power. Thinking happy thoughts makes you internally happy and releases the right hormones, which improves your healthy being, by and large. But forget all that, staying happy just makes you happy and that is all that matters, isn’t it?
Hygienic Is Healthy
Imagine living in an area which is all dirty and swampy? Enough to put you off every morning! Cluttered clothes, soiled dishes, messy room, and sullied washroom are all signs of a lazy lifestyle. Apart from that, improper hygiene is also one of the foremost reasons for unhealthy lifestyle. If you are on a quest of being healthy, know that by staying clean, you can win half the battle. Untidiness or lack of cleanliness causes all unheard of diseases that you, of course, wouldn’t want. So, shower everyday, wear clean clothes and eat hygenic food for a healthy and bright life ahead.

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