Stress can be the ultimate lowdown for anyone and dealing with it may not be the easiest of all things. However, these smart stress busting tips and techniques on how to bust stress can get you going.

Stress Busting Techniques

Disrupted sleep, wadded traffic, conked out coffee machine and a piled day at your workstation can get the better off you and drive you up the wall when stressed. While it is easy to feel all bogged down and blue when life throws a curveball, it nevertheless pays to hold on to your senses when everything else betrays. Remember, life is no picnic and the moment your stress shoots up, your life inevitably plunks down! And needless to say, this isn’t a very heart-warming statistics either. So, what topples the equilibrium in the first place? Well, for some people dealing with the frantic pace of every day life can induce stress, yet others may get a taste of it because of an upshot of conflict, illness, grief or personal loss. While some people choose to buckle up and move on, there are others who simply crumble when stress kicks in. Dealing with stress is no cakewalk, but it doesn’t deserve any herculean efforts either. The first way to deal with stress is to not to freak out when under pressure. To know more ways on how to bust stress when up on an emotional roller-coaster, read on.
Stress Busting Tips
  • When life throws you a curveball, just put your feet up and do nothing about it! Easier said than done - it is tried and tested that a mini-retreat from your daily dealings can put back your life on track and kick your depressed hormones like nothing else. When life throws you stress balls left, right and center, just take a break from your everyday life and recoil to a more relaxed, comfort zone. Doing so would not just bust your stress, but will leave you all charged up and re-energized.
  • Burning midnight oil can do great for your career but beware, slogging too much, too often, can at times throw your mind off the kilter and trigger stress. In such circumstances, think smartly! Do away with your stress by indulging in your favorite recreational activity and experience a shot of positivity. Let your creative juices get the better of you. Do anything that your heart pleases - paint, write, sketch, read or play an instrument to experience a real mood lift.
  • Are you the kind of multi-tasker who believes in doing too many things at one time, but with a strained concentration and imperfect results? It is scientifically proven that dividing your attention to accomplish too many things at one go not only strains the nerves, but also yields scattered results. To do away with this syndrome, just concentrate on one thing at a time. Doing so will not just save you from getting stressed, but it will also provide more than happy results.
  • Have you made it your mission in life to gripe about everything under the sun? It’s seen that people who let their tempers blow off at every given instance are more likely to feel all washed out and stressed than their peaceful counterparts. If you tend to get irked at every given instance, then getting mad and venting off your anger can calm down your nerves and stress too. Anger isn’t a very easy feeling to deal with. If all else fails, just sit and pen down your vexed emotions. Doing so will give you plenty of time to get hold of your feelings and drive away your anger related stress.
  • Nothing can beat stress out of you better than a belly-felt laughter. Laughter is known to ease tensed muscles, relax stress and pep up mood. Agreed, it’s not easy to force a chortle, especially when your emotions are down in the dumps, but a little external tickles can get you grinning. Just grab your favorite Tom and Jerry DVD or just sit through your favorite comic sitcom and get a good laugh. You will be surprised to see how good you will feel after that.
  • When in stress, just run! Exercise has been mooted as one of the many profiting ways to beat your blues. It acts as an antidote against stress, relieves tensed muscles and uplifts mood. Exercise is also known to lower the effect of cortisol, a hormone that infuses stress in the body. The cue is to distract yourself from your woes and spend sometime sweating out your stress. Just hit the treadmill or head for a brisk walk to feel energized.

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