Those who think that easily digestible foods are few and hard to get, should think again, because they are easily available, fit your taste and budget, and can be integral to a daily healthy diet.

Easy To Digest Foods

The co-relation between food and our well-being is one of direct proportions. Food is the most direct and natural sources of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients crucial to our healthy existence. Which is why, when our capacity to digest diminishes for whatever reasons, it becomes imperative to find substitutes to our daily diet which also do not compromise on its goodness. For e.g., people with stomach ailments are often on the lookout for easy to digest foods. When the body loses its ability to digest food, it is time for dietary modifications. For instance, medical conditions like gastroenteritis demand that the person should be extremely careful when it comes to choosing foods. In such cases, having foods that are easy on the digestive system can contribute immensely in shortening the recovery time of the patient. Also, with age, digestive efficiency of the body decreases considerably. No wonder then, that old people are often asked to change their diets to easier to foods that increase their digestive health.
Foods Easy To Digest
Generally people have a belief that all kinds of vegetables and fruits are easily digestible, but it is not necessarily so. Learn more about easily digestible food here.
Red Beet And Beet Greens
For those suffering from constipation, there is nothing better than to include beet in their diet. Red beet with green tops make the best choice as it contains valuable amounts of fiber helping your digestive waste to move about inside your intestines much faster, keeping it all the more functional. While red beet is a storehouse of magnesium and potassium, beet greens are one of the best sources of calcium, beta-carotene and iron. All of these nutrients are necessary to keep the digestive tract healthy, easing the bowel movement. Avoid taking beet greens too often as their acidic content can cause the enamel of the teeth to wane in the long run.

Leafy Vegetables
Green leafy vegetables have fiber in abundance as compared to any other vegetable. Cooked leafy vegetables, such as cabbages, are easily digestible and are rich in vitamins and minerals that do not slow down the digestion process unlike various other high fat foods. It is the fiber that is present in abundance in it that makes it more like a healthy, digestible food.
Yukon Gold Potatoes And Sweet Potatoes
Another rich source of dietary fiber, Yukon potatoes — if eaten with their skins on — can keep your digestive tract healthy and help better bowel movement as well. Apart from providing complex carbohydrates, the Yukon potato also gives vitamin B6, vitamin C as well as manganese.
And you thought that chicken is all bad? Since skinless chicken is very low in saturated fats, it can be a part of the list of easy to digest foods. But you have to make sure that the chicken is cooked properly if you have a rather sensitive stomach.

A rich source of fiber, rice is more often than not recommended by doctors for better digestion.
One of those fiber–rich fruits, avocados are really easy to digest. They contain enough and more healthy raw fat — most of which is mono-saturated. Raw fat keeps your digestive tract healthy and also helps in the efficient functioning of your pancreas, gall bladder, and liver. A lot of beta-carotene is effectively converted into vitamin A with the intake of avocados, which is more than essential for a healthy mucosal lining of the gastro-intestinal tract.
Apart from the fact that oats contain soluble fiber in abundance, they also have invaluable amounts of selenium, thiamin, phosphorus, and manganese. Copper, vitamin E and zinc are also found in traces.
From the good old days, bananas are considered good for easy digestion. It is the presence of certain enzymes that make the digestion process easier.

It helps smoothen the digestive tract, which makes it another important food that helps digestion.

Toasted bread is a better option for easy digestion than fresh bread, as it takes lesser time to digest compared to untoasted bread.

Cod Liver Oil
Since it has natural vitamin A in abundance which is essential for the lining of the intestinal tract, it should fit the bill of easily digestible food. Apart from that, it has vitamin D that helps in modulating the immune system.

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