Fast food culture is mushrooming across the world. In this article, we have given an analysis of health foods vis-à-vis junk foods.

Healthy Foods Vs Junk Foods

Fast food chains are opening up in every nook and corner of the world, attracting people of all ages, especially the children and youth. Commonly known as ‘junk food’, pizzas, burgers, French fries and other such items are delicious and a delight for the taste buds. Their healthy counterparts - fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat - do not develop as much craving in people as junk foods. However, it is high time that people realized the fact that junk food, though it tastes delicious, is of no use for the human body. It does nothing good to us, other than loading our bodies with unwanted fat and loads of calories. If you want to know why majority of medical experts talk in favor of healthy foods, go through the article. It will tell you of the pros of healthy foods vis-à-vis junk foods.
Healthy Foods Vs Junk Foods
Apart from the supplying energy and loads of calories, junk food does not give you all the essential nutrients. On the other hand, healthy foods like fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains serve as rich sources of a variety of nutrients. When we talk about essential fats, healthy foods score again. Junk foods, like French fries and burgers, are laden with unhealthy fats, which is the reason why majority of people eating such foods suffer from obesity.
The consumption of junk food may give you the feeling of instant energy. However, many people who love to eat junk foods are unaware of the fact that their overdose or regular consumption results in a deficiency of energy. On the contrary, fruits, vegetables and lean meat will not only provide you with nutrients, but will also help you build stamina.
A healthy diet will help you sharpen your concentrating skills. On the other side, junk foods lead to poor concentration. The blood circulation drops due to the excessive deposition of fat in the inner wall of arteries, a result of junk food consumption. As a result, you feel drowsy.
Cholesterol level will always be on a high, if you are habitual of consuming junk food. It consists of a much higher level of cholesterol as compared to its healthy counterpart. This results in the deposition of cholesterol in the inner walls of the arteries, eventually causing an adverse effect on the liver. On the other hand, healthy foods can help you maintain the blood cholesterol level.
Overall Health
People following a healthy diet fall ill less often. However, it is not the same for those who frequent the fast food outlets. One of the most prominent health problems pertaining to eating junk is obesity. This is followed by a series of diseases and deprivation of essential nutrients.

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