Yaz, the birth control pill, might even cause a heart attack. Browse through this article to know more on the harmful side effects of Yaz.

Yaz Side Effects

Yaz is an oral contraceptive for women. It is a birth control pill that is consumed mainly for preventing pregnancy and dealing with the symptoms of PMDD or ‘Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder’. Yaz is even consumed to treat acne amongst women who also desire to reap the benefits of contraception. The pill is produced by Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals. Every woman is allowed to take just one standard dose of Yaz. The dose administered to a woman does not depend on her weight, age, or medical conditions. As far as performing the function of a contraceptive goes, Yaz is fortunate enough to get its due share of praise. The pill even enjoys a ‘success rate’ higher than that of a condom. Unfortunately, however, the pill does not come free of a baggage loaded with side effects. The side effects of the pill are sometimes so severe that they can even overshadow the purpose for consuming the pill. Life is all about getting rid of your ignorance and gaining insight. Read on to gain awareness on the side effects of Yaz.
Adverse Effects Of Yaz
  • A decreased sex drive or a steep disinterest in sex is arguably one of the most common side effects of Yaz.
  • A woman who has consumed numerous Yaz pills can suffer from frequent headaches.
  • Yaz pills lead to an increase in appetite and can ultimately result in an abnormal weight gain.
  • Consumption of Yaz can result in nausea and can even lead to vomiting.
  • Women who’ve taken in too much of Yaz can go through phases of breakthrough bleeding or spotting. Breakthrough bleeding or spotting occurs when a woman bleeds between her periods.
  • A foul smelling vaginal discharge and vaginal yeast infections may also results as the side effects.
  • Yaz can result in the increase of potassium in the bloodstream. This condition is medically known as hyperkalemia and is definitely not a good thing.
  • A blood clot in the leg, pain experienced around the calf muscles, leg cramps, leg and foot swellings are all side effects of Yaz.
  • Yaz even affects the respiratory system. It can cause shortness of breath in a woman. Yaz can also cause sharp chest pains and also lead to the coughing up of blood. These deviations from the normal can all be coupled to a blood clot in the lungs.
  • High cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia can also be side effects of Yaz.
  • High blood pressure or hyper tension.
  • A chest pain or heaviness experienced in the chest area. This pain or heaviness can be a sign of an impending heart attack, which in turn might be a direct consequence of consuming Yaz.
  •  A sudden loss of vision or negative changes in the vision. This can be because of a blood clot in the eye.
  • Lumps in and around the breasts can also result as side effects.
  • Depression and other such changes in the mood and psyche of the woman can be caused by Yaz.
  • Dark and extremely foul smelling urine, pain in the upper right part of the abdomen and yellowing of the whites of the eyes or the skin are signs that can be associated with the damage of the liver.
  • Lastly, Yaz can lead to myriad allergic reactions that include rashes, itching, hives, unexplained swellings, difficulty in breathing, difficulty in swallowing food and wheezing.

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