Stop taking those “wonder pills”! Read on to know about the side effects of multivitamins.

Multivitamin Side Effects

“A nickel's worth of goulash beats a five dollar can of vitamins” this quote emphasizes the need to stop taking artificial supplements for vitamins. Fresh vegetables and fruits more than suffice for all our vitamin needs and it is plain ignorance that instigates people to pop those pills. Multivitamins gained popularity as they were promoted as a health fad however little do people realize that anything in excess can cause damage. Vitamins undoubtedly are good for the human body and the lack of some of them can be harmful. However, the human body is a wonderful machine and for every deficiency there are ways through which it recuperates. Multivitamins should not be taken until and unless it is prescribed by a physician. They can cause side effects that can be life crippling. The human body is a lot more complex than one can imagine, do not mess with it. An overdose of multivitamins can lead to unnecessary complications; it is something that can be easily avoided by just a healthy diet. Listed below are some of the side effects of multivitamins that are definitely going to keep you off those pills and back on healthy eating!
Adverse Effects Of Multivitamins 
  • People who smoke beware; prolonged use of vitamin A, vitamin E and beta-carotene supplements tend to reduce the life span of a habitual smoker.
  • Excess of vitamin A can lead to birth defects owing to its high retinol content, therefore pregnant woman should avoid taking multivitamins. Multivitamins must be taken only after consulting a physician.
  • Components like iron are highly toxic and can lead to acute overdose. The micronutrients present in the multivitamin tablets are one of the main sources of overdose, as the body as such requires these nutrients in very small quantities.
  • Multivitamins have a tendency to react to certain medical conditions and worsen the situation.
  • Magnesium and zinc when taken in very large quantities can lead to a condition called as polyuria; excessive or abnormally large production of urine. The other side effects include tooth staining, stomach bleeding and muscle weakness.
  • Vitamin C is very good for your bones and takes away signs of aging, however when in excess it can form renal stones, which can eventually lead to kidney failure. Other side effects of excessive vitamin C include metabolic acidosis; a condition where the acid content in the body increases. Symptoms include headache, chest pain, anxiety, decreased visual acuity, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and dehydration.
  • Excessive iron due to multivitamin tablets can cause iron poisoning or iron toxicity, which eventually results in a fibrotic situation of the liver known as Hemochromatosis. Hemochromatosis is a life-threatening situation and symptoms are not seen until there is considerable organ or tissue damage. Early symptoms include fatigue, weakness, abdominal pain, and joint pains. It gradually develops into arthritis, dysfunctional ovaries or testis and impotence or amenorrhea (in women). The final stages include liver damage, heart failure, liver cirrhosis, and finally death.
  • If you notice strands of hair falling, then your multivitamin tablets might be the culprits. Hair loss is one of the most common symptoms of multivitamins.
  • If severe back pain and muscle pain are bogging you down, then those multivitamin tablets you pop in the morning might be the cause for it. Overdose can lead to a lot of complications one of them being body ache.
  • If you have lost 5 kilos in the past one month, without any rhyme or reason and the thought of food surprisingly puts you off? Multivitamin tablets cause significant weight loss and a loss of appetite.
  • Skin peeling and joint pains are other symptoms of multivitamin overdose.

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