Keeping aside the ethical issues involved, abortion also poses various risks for the mother. Read the article below to know more on the side effects of abortion.

Side Effects Of Abortion

When the subject of abortion arises, the question that is always in everyone’s mind is that is it really necessary. After all, if killing of life is murder then abortion should also be considered as murder. In cases like rape, or when the doctor finds out that the child is severely disabled or HIV infected then abortion can be a solution, but the bets are still out on it. Abortion is an issue that has significant emotional and religious dimensions not to mention the physical dangers involved. While both its supporters and opposers are at loggerheads with each other due to the morality of the issue involved, the effect that abortion has on the mother is not given due consideration. That is why, while many women know the ethical concern involved in abortion, most have only a vague idea of the physical and emotional risks that the women undergoes during abortion. To treat abortion as a simple medical procedure is naïve, even if abortion pills are used. The effects are life changing, and sometimes the scars can stay for life. The physical risks are even more harmful. There are many instances of abortions not being performed properly, leading to disability, and sometimes death. The best way to avoid this is to get familiarized with all the side effects involved, so that there are better chances of addressing them. Read below to know more on the side effects of abortion.
Adverse Effects Of Abortion 
  • Hemorrhaging is the most common side effect of abortion. Though bleeding is normal after an abortion but if the cervix or uterus is punctured, it can cause severe bleeding. This bleeding can only be stopped through surgery or blood transfusion.
  • The development of infection is also quite common. This can result mostly from incomplete abortion like when some fetal parts are left in the womb and insertion of medical instruments into the uterus.
  • Sometimes the use of abortion pills can result in total body infection. This can be quite serious, as many fatalities have been recorded.
  • During abortion if general anesthesia is used then it can often cause convulsions, heart attack, and even death. The risk of other complications is also increased.
  • The cervix is at a risk of getting severely damaged during abortion. This is because of the use of instruments, which can cut, tear, and damage the cervix resulting in bleeding and infection.
  • There is also the risk of permanent scarring of the uterine lining due to the insertion of suction tubes, curettes and other instruments.
  • In some cases, the uterus may be severely damaged due to abortion instruments and so it may require major surgery to treat or completely remove the uterus.
  • Other internal organs like the bowel and bladder can also get punctured and torn. 
Psychological Side Effects 
  • Post abortion most women are likely to get depressed, and there is also a feeling of anger, anxiety, grief and depression. These are attributed not due to the complicity of the procedure but to the women’s preconceived notions.
  • If there are any pre-existing emotional difficulties then it can get more heightened post abortion. Emotional difficulties also arise due to religious or philosophical values, which do not support abortion.
  • In most cases, abortion can lead to trouble in the relationship of the couple. This can be due to the guilt and trauma associated with abortion, which makes it difficult for couples to face each other.
  • In severe cases, it can lead to suicidal thoughts and flashbacks of abortion. To counter this they may also get addicted to alcohol and drug abuse. In some cases, it can also lead to sexual dysfunction.
  • Other psychological side effects include sleep and eating disorders.

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