With the anti-abortion argument given in this article, you will know why abortion is regarded as an act against the civil society. Read on to find justified reasons against abortion.

Reasons Against Abortion

While technological advancements in medical science have made abortion a simple step to avoid unwanted pregnancies, people opting for it should not forget that it involves the act of killing a breathing fetus. A number of cases are emerging day by day, in which abortion is performed without having a solid reason behind it. In fact, in the present times, couples are taking it as an easy option for keeping a check on the size of their family. The couples planning to go for abortion should not forget that the process has serious physical and psychological repercussions.
Abortion seriously affects the health of a woman. She might incur a number of health problems after undergoing the process. Women should responsibly use contraception, if they want to prevent unwanted pregnancies, rather than opting for an abortion. People, who consider the formation of life as a simple scientific process, should also look into the logical as well as moral arguments against abortion, before opting for it. In the following lines, we have provided some strong reasons against abortion, to make couples think twice before opting for it. Go through them and explore why abortion should always be considered as a last resort by couples.
Anti-Abortion Argument 
  • Abortion is considered strictly against the ethics of a civil society, as it is akin to murder. It punishes the innocent inborn child, by taking away its right to live.
  • The visible complications arising from abortion are recurrent miscarriages, premature or still births, blocked fallopian tubes and weakened cervix. It can even weaken a woman's reproductive system.
  • Abortion may lessen the chances of a woman conceiving easily in the future.
  • Abortion is considered to be one of the reasons for increased cases of breast, uterine and cervical cancer in women.
  • A woman may incur stress-related problems after undergoing an abortion. Apart from that, she may also fall prey to depression, if she suffers from the guilt of killing her unborn child.

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