A diet free from bad fats, carbohydrates and other fast foods is a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet. Go through the article, to learn more about anti-inflammatory diet menu.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Menu

Inflammation is the body’s response to any kind of injury, attack or infection. Pain, swelling of the body parts, red coloration and loss of mobility or functional disability of the body parts are the few common symptoms of an inflammatory reaction of the body. The food that we consume plays an important role in aggravating and curbing the inflammatory affect of our body. Any food with refined sugar or white flour in it tends to be inflammatory in nature. Apart from that, fat foods, fast foods and all kinds of processed foods also are considered to be inflammatory. Such foods can be dangerous to the immune system of the body, opening the gates for several infections and viruses to enter the body. Therefore, when struck with inflammation, it is essential to follow a diet that is free from any inflammatory food items. Anti-inflammatory food items can be raw and fresh vegetables and fruits, omega 3 oils found in salmon and some quantity of red meat. This article will provide you with a list of anti-inflammatory diet foods that will provide you instant relief and strength.
Anti-Inflammatory Food List
An ideal breakfast at times of inflammatory situation will be one that consists of the following food items - oat meal with dry fruits, banana smoothie mixed with protein powder, scrambled eggs with a bowl of mixed fruits or rice with almond butter spread.
Salad and chicken with steamed vegetables, apple with spinach sandwich, carrot salad with tuna sandwich, broiled halibut and two kiwis are few good options for an ideal lunch when you are suffering from inflammation. This healthy diet plan will provide you with all essential nutrients to fight back any kind of infections and diseases.
This is the time when people usually end up eating snacks rich in oil, fats and cholesterol. In the evening, a few hours before dinner, you can consume a small bowl of peach, cashew, pink grapefruit or mixed nuts like almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts. These dry fruits will give you enough energy to strengthen your body immunity system.
An ideal dinner plan for a person facing inflammatory condition can include rice with steamed beans, a small salad and baked salmon fish, soybean and grilled shrimps, brown rice with stir fried vegetables and tofu. These organic and non-fatty foods provide all kinds of nutrients and proteins to your body, making your body strong and immune to infections and other small diseases.
Ideas For Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  • Food items rich in protein, such as eggs, organic chicken or turkey, red meat, wild caught fish and lamb, make an apt diet to beat down inflammatory problems.
  • Vegetables in their raw form are the best for inflammation. They give your body enough nutrients and carbohydrates to fight against all kinds of problem. Vegetables slightly sautéed and steamed are also very useful and nutritious.
  • Fresh, organic and raw fruits are very useful for the body to fight back the inflammation problem.
  • Use of sea salt or ‘Herbmare’, i.e. a seasoning of salt with herbs, in food items is an effective way to beat inflammation.
  • Use of foods rich in good fat and complex carbohydrates is also very useful for inflammations of all kinds. Raw butter, almond butter, walnuts, whole grains and organic grains like brown rice, sweet potatoes and beans are the few examples of good fat and complex carbohydrate rich foods.
  • Any nut that your body can tolerate and digest, other than peanuts, is quite effective in appeasing inflammation. Handful of nuts and seeds like walnuts, flax, hemp or almonds when consumed every day give beneficiary results. However, make sure that the dry fruit is organic, unsweetened and non sulphurous in nature.
  • A variety of legumes, that your body can tolerate, should be consumed to beat inflammation of any kind. Split peas, lentils, kidney beans, pinto beans, soybeans, garbanzo beans are few examples of legumes that can be consumed for immediate result.
  • Deep sea fish and other healthy sea food can also prove effective against inflammation. Salmon, halibut, tuna, cod, sardines and mackerel are the few fishes that one can consume. However, make sure that the fish is poached, baked, steamed or boiled. Shellfish or swordfish should be avoided during inflammation.
  • Essential fatty acids are very important in quelling inflammation and can be consumed in form of purified fish oil, krill oil, black currant seed, borage or omega flax oils.
  • Consumption of filtered water and green tea works beneficially to treat inflammatory conditions.
  • 1-2 servings of organic, free range eggs, sheep or goat milk products or a serving of organic meat such as skinless chicken, turkey or lamb can prove out to be very effective at times of inflammation.
  • Desserts can also prove out to be effective at times of inflammation. Small portions of dry fruits and fruit sorbet or a few portions of dark chocolate can be consumed to heal the inflammation.
  • It is better to stay away from all dairy products or to use organic, antibiotic and hormone free dairy products. Sugar items like sugar yogurts should be avoided.

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