Commitment phobia is often associated with men while, the truth is that women too are victims of this fear Explore this article to find signs that will guide you how to spot a commitment phobic.

Commitment Phobia Signs

What is commitment? A promise that you make to yourself or someone pertaining to a particular situation or condition. What happens when you fear about committing to such situations? Commitment phobia is where you finally land. Commitment phobia, also known as fear of commitment, can be defined as the fear and avoidance of having to commit to anything, especially relationships. While some people are afraid of committing to a particular situation, commitment phobic people fear to commit in all situations or activities apart from just relationships. Fear of commitment can result out of various reasons, some being fear of losing one’s individuality, space or freedom. Past experiences, individual insecurity and other deeper emotional reasons can be other causes of commitment phobia. Often, men are assumed to suffer from commitment phobia while, the fact is that this phobia is not confined to the male sector only. Women, too, can equally fall victim to fear of commitment. Given here are some signs of commitment phobia for identifying a person suffering from this disorder. Take a look!
Commitment Phobia Symptoms
Frequent Changes in Address
Commitment phobic people are likely to change their addresses almost every year reflecting that they are afraid of sticking to anything for a prolonged duration. Though at times, shifting to new addresses can be due to various unidentified reasons, most people do not prefer to move around after every few years.
Frequent Changes in Career
With an uncertain economy, people shift to new jobs and careers in the hope of securing a better job and future. However, commitment phobic people are likely to change job industries every now and then. For example, such a person can be a cook at one time, a real estate agent after a while, a rock star thereafter and could be studying accounting or psychology side by side.
Backs Out at the Last Minute
People suffering from commitment phobia make frequent changes in their plans and at times, even cancel them. While, this can happen due to uncontrolled circumstances, a commitment phobic does it on a regular basis. In case you come across a person who calls you up the last minute to make changes or does not turn up, you know that you have been dealing with a commitment phobic person.
Hesitates to Talk about Personal Feelings
Expressing one’s feelings can often make a person helpless and vulnerable. However, if a person is reluctant about confessing how deeply he/she cares for someone or afraid to express their true feelings, he/she is likely to suffering from the fear of commitment.
Does Not Own Anything
A person suffering from commitment phobia tries to keep away from financial and time commitments and relationships as well. While such people fear from committing to anything, they often reside in rented homes, for example, though they are capable of purchasing their own home.
Hesitates to Talk and Plan Ahead
To some extent, it is better to live in the present without worrying about the future. But, on second thoughts, one must talk about the future and set goals or plans for the same. While some of us are afraid of discussing about the same, people with commitment phobia avoiding talking about the future totally.

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