Pain, whether it is mild or acute, hampers our daily activities and it becomes necessary to treat it in time. Read on to find tips on how to get rid of some common aches.

How To Get Rid Of Pain

You suddenly wake up at night, complaining of stomachache and searching for a painkiller to get rid of the pain. Now, be it headache or stomachache, the slightest of pain has the ability to affect our performance. Though pain is feared, it is also one of the most useful sensations of the body, since many-a-times, it serves as an indicator of much more serious ailments. For instance, a young woman often complained of blinding headaches. When she went to the doctor, she was diagnosed with early stage cancerous growth. Fortunately, she managed to catch it in time, all thanks to the pain. Pain is an indication that our body clock is not working properly. However, some pain can be joyous too! Like, labor pain in expecting mothers is the sign of a small life all set to come to the world. Although, it is good to take professional advice in case of constant aches, it is also true that running to doctors with every little pain is not feasible. Common aches and pains like headache, back pain and joint pains, which hamper our day-to-day activities, can be cured with home remedies as well. Here are some tips and remedies to help you know how to get rid of pain.
Tips To Treat  Common Aches

Back Pain 

Back pain is an ailment that makes it impossible to sit and in worse cases, even to walk. It is usually a sign of injured spine or back muscles. The first step to get rid of back pain is to use your legs, rather than back, to lift the things. If your job involves sitting most of the time in a day, avoid remaining in the same posture all through. Maintaining correct posture is the best way to get rid of back pain. It is recommended to give rest to your back from daily chores. This will give your back a chance to repair itself and keeps you away from further damage. Exercising regularly is another good way to get rid of back pain. It will strengthen your back muscles and make them less resistant to injury. For instance, a regular aerobic workout not only tones your muscles, but also help you maintain the right weight. Less weight means less strain on the back.

Stomach Pain 

Stomach pains can be caused by acidity, bad food habits, appearance of air pockets in the gastrointestinal system, constipation, and stress, which produces acidic reaction. You can be relieved of gas pains without using medicines i.e. with some natural remedies. Try to eat a bland diet, to avoid acid stomach. You can eat bananas, milk, or apple juice to get rid of gas pain. Most cooked fruits and cooked vegetables are always a good choice to get rid of gas pain. However, avoid intake of parsnips, onions, corn, brussels sprouts, beans, cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli. Raw vegetables should also be avoided. Other dietary suggestions include avoiding overeating and drinking plenty of water for digestion. It’s best not to indulge in spicy food and adopting a balanced diet. Other than these, emotional stress can be the cause of hyper-acidity. To turn off the acid production, you need to get rid of the stress. So, remain happy and enjoy your life!


Headaches are the common pains from which anyone can suffer. They can be triggered by multiple factors, such as working for extended hours on the computer, taking too much stress, or migraine attack. Whatever might be reason, a headache can make you stay away from performing at full potential. The first step to get rid of headache is to control the stress level in your life and engage in relaxing workouts, like yoga. Massaging your head, neck, and shoulders, using your fingertips, is the another way to relieve muscle tension and get rid of headache. Do not skip meals. If you are feeling heavy headed and haven’t had anything to eat for a long time, take a break and grab something to avoid that headache!

Joint Pain 

Joint pain not only hampers the movement of joints, but also makes you lethargic. You can get rid of simple joint pain in a few days by administering the correct treatment. Using heat rub is the first step to get rid of joint pain. Apply good amount of heat rub on the affected joint and pain will slowly die. Mixing two teaspoons of honey with cider in hot water is a home remedy to get rid of joint pain. Drink the solution and you will find a relief from pain. Massaging is another great way to get rid of the pain. Massage the painful joint with low impact strokes. Another effective cure for joint pain is exercise. It will strengthen your joints and prevent you from the pain!

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