While teenage acts as a boon for the youngsters, acne comes as a bane. Read on to find the causes of teen acne and also what can be done for teen acne prevention.

Causes Of Teen Acne

Teenage brings with it acne problems as well. Acne starts with the early teen years, when the oil glands in the body start making more sebum oil. In adolescents who have acne, dead skin cells mix with the extra oil and plug up hair follicles in the skin. The bacteria that grow in these hair follicles cause more skin irritation. While the exact cause of acne is not known, most dermatologist believe that there are many factors that can cause this development to take place. In teens, a major factor is the change in hormones that affect sebaceous glands. However, reason for varied intensity of acne, from mild to occasional to severe, cannot be traced.
Acne can also be a heredity problem. If you have been succumbed to acne, it is likely that your children would also face similar problems. Diet, hormonal imbalance and nervous system disorders can cause a person to become acne-prone. Premenstrual acne starts a few days before each period, when progesterone hormones are the highest. Allergies to molds, foods, chemicals, cosmetics, and other substances can result in acne. Sometimes, you can also be prone to acne due to medication you are going through. Acne, when severe, can become traumatic for the adolescent and may result in social withdrawal.
Teen Acne Prevention
Acne is common problem of the teenagers who refer to it as the ‘plague’ of the growing years. While there are unlimited boon of the teenage years, which bring in new dimensions into their lives, acne is the biggest threat and a bane of the growing times. Acne not only hampers the appearance, but also crushes the self esteem and confidence of a teen. Just like the actual cause of acne is not known, their exact preventive measure is also a dicey thing. Still, we have provided some basic tips for acne prevention in teens.
  • Acne can be prevented by taking less stress. Give your body appropriate rest and sleep for the desired number of hours. It will result in less acne problem.
  • Another factor which adds upto acne is the use of cosmetics. Restrain yourself from using oil-based makeup, suntan oil and hair products.
  • Wash your face twice a day and make it a habit.
  • Another aggravating factor is pressure like a headband or a backpack or the shoulder pads of an athlete. All these things block the pores and can aggravate the condition.
  • Maintain a hair style that would keep hair off your face.
  • Do not scrub your face hard as it would open up the pores and would result in acne problem.

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