Acne is a tremendously embarrassing and burdensome problem, but there are various ways of clearing it naturally & fast. Read the article to explore tips on how to clear up acne.

How To Clear Up Acne

Not all people are gifted with a clear and beautiful skin. In fact, many of them are born with skin that gets irritated when dirt and excess oil get trapped inside. The clogged skin pores develop into pimples, which eventually lead to bad acne. It is important for acne sufferers to wash their face regularly, to remove dirt, oil and bacteria. A healthy lifestyle is also essential for these people, as stress, unhealthy food and lack of enough sleep can trigger acne breakouts. Scars and other traces of acne can be very embarrassing, thus for a healthier and more beautiful skin, it is necessary to treat the problem at the earliest. Read on further to explore various tips on how to clear up acne naturally.
Clearing Up Acne Naturally & Fast
  • Take some baking soda in a small bowl and add enough water to make a paste. Dab the paste on your acne and let it dry for a few minutes. Scrub your face gently with the remaining paste. This will help exfoliate the dead skin cells and leave your skin smooth.
  • Apply some toothpaste (not gel or tartar control) on your acne at bedtime and place a band-aid on the toothpaste-covered pimple. Wash your face as normal, in the morning.
  • Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water and wipe your face with the same, using a cotton swab. This will clear up your acne by balancing the pH in your skin.
  • After you wash your face with soap and water, saturate a cotton ball in mouthwash and dab it on the acne. Leave it for about 10 minutes or until you don’t feel the tingle anymore. Rinse the mouthwash and splash cold water on your face, to close the pores.
  • Apply some honey on your acne and cover it with a band-aid before going to bed. Honey kills the bacteria and keeps the acne sterile. It will speed up healing and bring the pimple to a head.
  • Beat three egg whites and apply them directly on your face. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse thereafter. The egg whites will absorb the excess oil from your skin and heal and rebuild it.
  • Cook some plain oatmeal, as you normally do for consumption. Le it cool down and then rub it all over your skin. Leave it for a while and then rinse off with water.
  • Eat a healthy diet that is rich in vegetables, low glycemic index carbohydrates and lean protein, as they help in clearing up your skin.
  • Drink plenty of water, as it is not only good for your body, but also good for your skin. Have 6 to 8 glasses of water in a day, as it flushes out toxins form the body and is less likely to clog the skin.
  • Exercise improves circulation, which in turn removes nasty toxins from your body quickly and reduces the chance of buildup and clogging. Indulge in exercise five days a week, for about half an hour per day.
  • Wash your face in the morning to remove any dead skin and build-up of oil that might have accumulated from the night before.
  • If you have long hair or bangs, keep them off your face. Since your hair contains oil as well, it can contribute to acne breakouts.
  • Wear water-based make-up, if you must. Make-up products clog your pores, causing more pimples and blackheads.

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