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How To Deal With Anxiety

Are you worrying a lot these days? Is anxiety hampering your daily routine? Today, almost everyone is a victim of stress and fretfulness. Although a little bit of anxiety is good, the point where it starts interfering with your normal life it becomes unhealthy. Most of the people are worried about things that are not under their control or have not even happened yet. Instead of being inspired, they succumb to stress hormones, thereby adversely affecting their own health. We have all been at that point in life where it becomes impossible to carry on and be happy or even be normal for that matter. We all have been through nights that seem longer than usual and sleeping peacefully becomes a far-fetched thought. Bothersome thoughts run through mind like a hamster on its wheels, there is no putting on hold to it. It runs its course and starts right back from where it first started. In a situation like this the person becomes exhausted but somehow remains stuck in the process of relentless worrying. This leads to frustration and ultimately to depression. Therefore, when you notice the first signs of anxiety or obsessive thinking in yourself then you have to a stop it there and then. Not by force though, you will find out that you cannot apply force to your thoughts. The more you will try to suppress it the more it will come to the surface. Therefore, the only proper way to deal with it is to first acknowledge that you have a problem and then try to pay attention to it in order to fix it. Dealing with anxiety is not difficult, provided you follow right tips for the same. If you want to know how to deal with anxiety then read on.
Steps For Dealing With Anxiety
  • Do not ignore but let the thought that has been worrying you repeat itself in your head. Let it play itself out again and again, do not indulge in it but try to only observe. There would come a point in this process where you will start feeling bored of it and your mind will start to wander. Your mind will itself detest the thought that it was troubling you with. But the key thing to remember in this is you should not involve yourself in the process of repeating the thought in your mind over and over again.
  • You have to understand one factor about your mind that it will always make the thought worse than it already is. So, the intelligent thing to do will be to let it take its natural course. Let the thought play out its hopes and fears and die its natural course.
  • Indulging in physical exercises is the best way to deal with anxiety. Put on your walking shoes or get on your bike or head straight to the gym. Not only will these activities help you feel good, but also help maintain your health.
  • Keep a check on the consumption of caffeine, chocolate and sugar. These food items work contrarily, increasing the tense, jittery and anxious feeling and even decreasing the ability to sleep.
  • Meditation and even yoga increases the well-being of a person - physically, mentally as well as spiritually. Both of them can also help you calm down your nerves.
  • It is seen that people with low levels of self esteem often fall victim to anxiety. For such people, the best advice would be to raise their self respect and have confidence in themselves. They should think positively and not be over ambitious. Optimism and fewer expectations can bring dramatic change to the persona of such people.
  • Watching a comedy movie can sometimes relieve people from nervousness. Laughing is a good way to blow out the stress hormones and be at ease with yourself.
  • Another way would be to talk to someone close. Telling a friend or spouse about your apprehensions can take a lot of stress away.
  • Go shopping! Play pool or poker! Rest on the beach! Relax in a spa! Doing things you haven’t done in a long time can lower the stress levels. Indulging in things you love to do would naturally curb the anxiety level, pumping the adrenaline.
  • If you think that the problem is bigger than you think then you should see a professional to help you deal with it. There is no harm in taking assistance in dealing with your anxiety or depression problems. Sometimes in life our problems get bigger than our self and we need intervention. Most of the times we do take help naturally in the form of friends and family but there are times when even they do not know how to deal with it. These are the times when well-read experts can help you. They can teach you the techniques to deal with your problems. They can show you how to break the habit of thinking relentlessly and put you on the right track. They can show the healthy ways to get back your mental peace. Also, there are times when you cannot manually soothe your mind and it becomes imminent that you take some medication to help relieve yourself of anxiety. In any case, if you feel that you cannot deal with your problems yourself then you should definitely see a doctor.

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