Do you want to know how to become more flexible? Read on to get some tips that will help you in becoming more flexible.

How To Become More Flexible

Having a flexible body is very important in today’s world. Not only does it make you a good athlete, but the exercises involved in being flexible also help you remain fit and healthy. A flexible body is also less prone to injuries. However, if you think the term ‘flexibility’ relates to only physical condition, you sure in for a surprise. Mental flexibility is also important and can be attained by sheer willpower. Nonetheless, when it comes to physical flexibility, it is a little difficult to achieve. You need to have patience and also the zeal to attain it. Eating healthy and sleeping well is also important for being flexible. In the following lines, we provide some tips on how to become more flexible.
Tips For Becoming More Flexible 
  • The first step towards making your body more flexible would comprise of indulging in stretching exercises. However, do not just start stretching instantly. Rather, make sure to warm up before indulging in them. You can indulge in light jogging or brisk walking for the purpose.
  • It is very important to perform cooling down, before completely halting exercises. Even when you want to want to stop exercising, repeat the warming up exercises.
  • Understand one thing; you cannot become flexible in one day. It will take time, patience and perseverance. Slowly increase your workout, by increasing both the duration and the intensity. In the beginning work, according to your comfort and raise the difficulty levels gradually.
  • Do not bounce while stretching. Perform the stretches in a consistent motion. Stressing on the joints may lead to wear and tear in the muscle fibers. Remember to perform your stretches as gracefully as you can.
  • Keep a balance while you are stretching. That is, if you are stretching to your left, make sure to stretch to your right as well. If you are bending forward, bend backward as well.
  • Perform the stretching exercises under the eye of a fitness expert. Unless you have supervision, you would not know if you are doing the exercises in the right way or not.
  • To become flexible, it is very important to have a balanced diet. Increase the consumption of green leafy vegetables and fruits. Drink lots of water and have foods rich in proteins and calcium.
  • Make sure to indulge all the parts of your body while stretching - shoulders, back, legs, upper thighs, fingers, ankles and wrists. You need to have a flexible body as a whole and not in parts.  
  • For the shoulder, lift small weights every day, so that your muscles get toned up. The motion of lifting the weights up and down will make the shoulders flexible.
  • For the back, stand with your arms falling to your sides loosely. Twist from one side to the other side.
  • For the legs, sit flat on the ground, with your legs out in the front.Bend the upper part of your body towards the knees, making sure to keep your face forwards and not downwards.
  • For the upper thighs, squeeze them for 1 minute. Release and squeeze again. Continue this for 5 minutes
  • For the ankles, sit with one leg in front of you. Take the other ankle and rest it on your knee, then hold your foot and twist your ankle.
  • For the fingers, make a fist. Then slowly open the fist and stretch the fingers backwards as far as possible. Repeat it with the other hand as well.

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