Numerous reasons lead to anxiety and stress in the modern day life. Explore this article to learn about the different signs and symptoms of anxiety stress.

Anxiety Stress Symptoms

Excessive pressure, worries and tensions, all lead to anxiety and stress in today’s life. The lifestyle and long working hours has changed a person’s well-being and health over the last few years drastically. While stress is the outcome of frustration, anger and anxiousness, anxiety results out of the feeling of apprehension or fear. Anxiety stress results in a number of serious abnormalities, which if neglected or overlooked for a longer period, can further create other major problems. Though there have been many treatments and medications available for curing anxiety and stress, it is more essential to identify the signs of these illnesses as the first step towards treating them. Given here are different symptoms of anxiety and stress disorder.
Signs Of Anxiety Stress
Chest Pain
Chest pain is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety stress. Depending upon the severity of anxiety stress, one can complain of mild or severe tightening in the chest. This chest pain is sometimes confused with a heart attack. Apart from the chest, people suffering from anxiety stress can experience slight pain in hands and shoulders as well.
Another common anxiety stress symptom, fatigue is more common in men than women. People engaged in heavy duty and strenuous activities for longer durations suffer from fatigue. Fatigue can also occur due to insufficient sleep. Since the person is less energized, the motivation levels drop gradually.
People suffering from anxiety and stress are likely to be more impatient and hence, lose their temper quite easily. These signs of anger and frustration are further clouded over work and personal life as well. Such people start reflecting further signs of lack of interest in work, lack of enthusiasm and energy, feelings of dizziness, and so on.
Considered as one of the most common side-effects of anxiety stress, frequent headaches create a number of problems in every day life. These headaches can convert into migraine for people suffering from severe stress. A single stressful experience is sufficient to disturb a person’s entire routine.
Loss Of Appetite
Reduced appetite is yet another common after-effect of anxiety and stress. The emotional state of a person leaves him with no feelings of hunger, as he is frightened, panic stricken and exhausted. On the other hand, there are some people whose diet increases, but the increase is diminutive. Nonetheless, the appetite reduces which affects the energy levels of a person, thereby worsening stress and anxiety.
Reduced Sex Drive
Most people refrain from indulging in sexual activities during stress, since lack of sex drive is one of the prime symptoms of anxiety stress. Loss of sex drive does not necessarily mean abstinence from sex. It only means that the physical act of sex is simply negligible. Decreased sex appetite is more common to stressed women than men.
Nausea and Vomiting
Women suffering from anxiety stress commonly complain of nausea and vomiting as opposed to men suffering from the same illness. Due to improper work-life balance and stress, the central nervous system reflects out nausea. The actions sent to the vomiting center in the brain cause vomiting.

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