If your belly paunch is giving you sleepless nights, it's time to get rid of that extra fat. Check out some midsection exercises/ workouts to get those sexy curves and strong muscular abs.

Midsection Workouts

If you're one among thousands of people who crave for toned midsection and abs, it's time for some real exercise. It's for sure that not every woman can get a flat tummy and not every guy can get a strong eight-pack-abs. You must have seen people nagging about how they do painstaking abs exercise and get up with an aching body every morning. But the result never turns up. They may not know that a ‘spot reducing exercise’ is just not enough and it won’t give you any result until you lose weight on the whole and then concentrate on one part of the body. Before taking any workout to reduce fat on your tummy, you must remember that it can’t reduce ‘pounds or tons’; so you need to control your diet first. Given below are some exercises for mid section workouts.
Exercises For Midsection 
  • Crunches - Do 3 sets of 20 crunches thrice a week. To do this exercise, keep your arms cradling your head and straighten your shoulders off the floor for few seconds until you fall on the floor. Before doing this exercise, gain strong and flexible hip muscles by cycling because while doing crunches, you need to put your entire weight on your legs and hips.
  • Crest Posture - This exercise is more or less like push ups. You have to get down on your elbows and toes while keeping your hips parallel to the rest of the body. Remain in this posture for at least 30 seconds and try to increase the time with every turn. This exercise helps to get a straight and flat stomach.
  • Reverse Sit-Ups - To do this exercise correctly, sit straight with your knees slightly bent with you arms stretched up in front of you. Try to lean back as much as you can without falling on the ground and repeat for at least 5 times.
  • Stretching - This is comparatively easier exercise, but the most effective one. Keep your posture right while stretching your chest and stomach inside. It helps the belly look smoother and flat. 
  • Don’t overdo abs exercise. Muscles need time to rebuild and grow and a fierce routine can result into a counter production of the muscles.
  • Along with mid section exercise, concentrate on loosing fat as a whole.
  • Don’t stop eating. Eat right and balanced diet for the proper growth of muscles.

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