Kids' teeth discoloration can lead to a loss of their self esteem and confidence. Read on to explore the causes of discoloration in baby teeth.

Kids Teeth Discoloration

The health of children is always a concern for parents. The concern is at its most when the child is still a toddler and cannot take care of himself at all. While most of the parents make sure that their child is getting a healthy diet and is not suffering from any physical ailment, very few of them are concerned about his oral health. A common dental problem, which a large proportion of children suffer from, comprises of teeth discoloration. Kids' teeth discoloration is visible in the form of stains on the teeth. It might result from a number of reasons, ranging from improper brushing to traumatic injury. Whatever be the reason, it can make your child extremely self-conscious and interfere with his self-confidence. In case your child is also suffering from the problem, it is necessary to determine reason for the same and take corrective measures as soon as possible. Keeping this fact in view, we bring you the causes and preventive tips for kids’ teeth discoloration in the lines below.
Causes Of Discoloration In Baby Teeth 
  • Kids are always in the play mood and pay least attention to their dental hygiene. They are in the habit of nibbling on anything that they can lay their hands on. This can lead to the discoloration of their teeth.
  • Children cannot brush their teeth as properly as the adults can. Improper brushing has been found out as one of the main factors leading to teeth discoloration.
  • Any traumatic injury can also contribute to the discoloration of teeth in kids.
  • Kids are very fond of eating chocolates, chips, cakes, ice creams and such stuffs. These foods, when taken in excess, can cause problems in the teeth.
  • Tooth decay is one of the most common conditions found among the toddlers. Early tooth decay can grow to discolor the entire teeth structure.
  • Exposure to certain vitamins (like iron) is also known to be one of the causes for this condition. Liquid multivitamin syrups, which are commonly given to babies, have iron content. The presence of iron in the syrup leads to its dark color. This iron content can discolor kids’ teeth significantly.
  • Use of toothpaste that contains excess of fluorides is known to produce white spots in the toddlers’ teeth.
  • Due to some other disease or medication, the kids may develop discoloration in their teeth.
  • Presence of germs in the teeth can also lead to discoloration. 
Prevention Tips 
  • Make your child brush at least two times in a day. At the same time, assist him/ her in brushing the teeth properly.
  • Use toothbrush and paste made exclusively for children. Children’s teeth are very different from adults’ and hence care should be taken about the toothpaste used.
  • The bristles of the toothbrush that you use for your children should be soft and round in shape.
  • Keep an eye over the food habits of the kid. Make him/her have a diet rich in calcium, protein, vitamins and other necessary nutrients.
  • If the kid already has discolored teeth and none of the above tips helps in removing it, better consult a dentist. Your child needs medical help to get white, shining teeth.

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