Decided to go on a cross-country run? Follow these tips to enjoy your run, even if you don’t win.

Cross Country Running Tips

It’s that time of the year when most athletes start getting excited, and you find yourself caught up in the excitement. It’s time for the annual Cross-Country race, where, depending on the coach, athletes would run between two and five miles per day. The winner’s endurance and skill is rewarded and you just want to be the one to bask in the glory of victory this year. So what points do you need to keep in mind if you’re going to participate in Cross Country running? What will help you walk away with glory? And, how can you do this without falling flat on your face mid-way, running out of energy, or just doing something that will mess up your sporting (and social) chances for the rest of your life? The following tips provide useful guidelines that will help you out if you decide to run. 
Tips For Cross Country Race 
  • Practice hard before the race. Cross-country running takes a lot of hard work and determination. As you practice, track your progress and watch your improvement. This will give you a lot of inner confidence as well as an enormous feeling of accomplishment. Remember not to start running many miles all at once. Start off gradually and improve slowly.
  • Slim down. Excess weight makes it more difficult to run, besides being the cause of many ailments and complications that can completely curb your running. Get in shape and be fit.
  • Make use of positive peer pressure. Don’t run alone while practicing. Having other runners around you will be an impetuous to run. People tend to motivate you by their words and actions, and this is a sure way to be a winner.
  • Wear the right kind of shoes to run long distances. Use the lightest possible running shoes, which have good weight support. It is good to go in for shoes that have built in support for arches. Some runners would prefer shoes that have spikes, because this will be beneficial for rough terrain. Ensure that you check with your coach before shopping for shoes.
  • Avoid injuries by paying close attention to the course or path and wearing comfortable shoes, which have good grip. Wear glasses if required and avoid unnecessary falls by double or even triple tying your shoelaces.
  • If you have a sore spot or an ankle or knee that is prone to injury, support the limb by using an elastic brace for additional support. If you are injured, it is better not to compete at all.
  • If you are prone to stitches in your side, it is advisable to run with your hands slightly elevated.
  • Another method to prevent stitches in the side while running is to have good fluid intake before the race commences.
  • Eating healthy food and getting lots of rest is important before participating is a cross-country race. Increase carbohydrate intake and reduce fat.
  • Check with your doctor before beginning a cross-country run, since it just may not be right for you.

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