The medicinal and therapeutic benefits of mineral water have been known since a long time. Read on to know more about the health benefits of drinking mineral water.

Benefits Of Mineral Water

Mineral water is a very popular drink in the modern world and contains minerals like calcium and magnesium, along with other dissolved substances that are very beneficial for human health and hygiene. Among the various substances found dissolved in mineral water, the vital ones are salt, sulfur compounds and various gases. The use of mineral water to cure ailments and diseases has been known since a long time. It was traditionally consumed at its very source called spas, wells or baths. However, there is a mild difference in the usage of these words. Spas would be used when the water was used for the purpose of both consumption and bath, wells would be used when the water was not generally used to bathe with and bath when the water was not generally consumed. Today, bottling of mineral water has become a blooming business, as people are coming to know more about the diverse health benefits of mineral water. To know all about the therapeutic effects of mineral water, check the information listed below.
Health Benefits Of Drinking Mineral Water 
  • In accordance with a study published by the “British Journal of Nutrition” in the year 2005, drinking mineral water can help to increase the level of HDL (High Density Lipoprotein or good cholesterol) and at the same time, lower the level of LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein or bad cholesterol).
  • The high calcium present in mineral water helps to decrease the bone loss in postmenopausal women and strengthens the human skeletal system as well.
  • Certain people are unable to drink milk due to lactose intolerance and hence are unable to get the daily calcium requirement of the body. Drinking mineral water will be beneficial for such people, as studies have shown that the calcium absorbed from drinking high calcium mineral water is comparable to that from consuming dairy products.
  • The magnesium present in mineral water can help to strengthen the human immune system, relax the muscles and lower blood pressure.
  • Drinking mineral water also helps to achieve optimal health.
  • One major function of mineral water is that it helps to replenish water that is naturally lost from the body, due to various activities. Besides this, it also helps to maintain a balance in the electrolyte level in the body, as it is full of electrolytes (minerals) which naturally dissolve in the water.
  • The chlorides and bicarbonates present in mineral water play an important role in digestion and aid in maintaining a balance in the acid levels within the stomach and upper and lower intestines.
  • Certain varieties of mineral water contain small quantities of iron, which is very essential for the process of oxygen transport throughout the body.
  • In certain parts of Japan and Europe, hot spring therapy is a very popular treatment for conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis and digestive problems.
  • The sulfate found in certain varieties of mineral water acts as a detoxifying agent and is used by the human body for the purpose of cleansing and detoxifying the harmful agents.
  • Mineral water is also used to combat the infections caused by fungi and viruses.
  • Many individuals believe that drinking mineral water on a regular basis can reduce the aches due to muscle and joint inflammation.

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