Elliptical cross trainers are a combination of treadmills and stepper machines. Read the article below to know how to choose an elliptical cross trainer.

How To Choose An Elliptical Cross Trainer

You must have a basic idea of what a treadmill is. Also, you must have seen how a stepper machine looks and works. Now throw in a dual action handle bar and you will get a pretty rough idea of how an elliptical cross trainer looks like. This trainer provides smooth elliptical movement that is low in impact and feels very easy compared to a treadmill. The footpads help you exercise by simulating the walking or running and at the same time, the handlebars create an elliptical motion, which is similar to biking or skiing. As such, both the upper and lower body is exercised which makes it a very effective exercise equipment, as vouched by the millions who tried it. In an elliptical cross trainer, the foot never leaves the footpads and so, even if you are bearing the weight, there is very less impact on the joints and muscles. The success of this machine lies in the fact that it creates a motion that is similar to the natural path followed by the feet, legs, and hips, during walking or running. This not only makes the exercise a lesser burden, but it is also quite a lot of fun. To add this machine in your exercise regime, read the article below for elliptical cross trainer buying tips.
Elliptical Cross Trainer Buying Tips 
  • Consider quality over the price. This is because it is a complex piece of fitness equipment, which is very effective in providing a low impact workout. This requires that it must be durable and well built which comes only at a price.
  • Better do a thorough research before buying a cross trainer. The amount you pay should depend on various factors like if the trainer is motorized or non-motorized, the brand name, the programs available and the length of the stride.
  • When choosing an elliptical cross trainer the first thing that you should check is the braking system. Select the one that has magnetic braking system as it is required if you want other programmes. Nowadays this facility is available in many elliptical trainers.
  • Now you should check the feel of the trainer. For this, you have to get on the trainer and find out how the lower body movement feels. The feel should be smooth with a natural stride pattern throughout the range of the movement. Also, check that the trainer you select is not jerky or snatch and also the footplate should not change the direction very suddenly towards the end of the ellipse.
  • Then find out how the upper body movement feels. See if the handles are comfortable to grip and if it is easy to change direction without significant play. Another important thing to find out is that there should be no rocking or instability at high resistance levels.
  • See if there are any facilities for adjusting the stride length of the trainer. In some machines, you can shorten or lengthen the stride so that it becomes easy for you to match the machine’s movement with your natural stride pattern. This is very important, as it will allow you to train comfortably.
  • Check the console and see if you can comprehend the information displayed there. Of course, first, the trainer will explain to you the console information, but after that see how clear and comprehensive it is. Also, see if the buttons are easy to use and visible. If there, are any programs then, check how easy it is to access them.
  • Now, find out the maximum workload the trainer can provide. For people who are fit, it is best to go for cross trainers that provide at least 250 watts.
  • Select those cross trainers that come with elliptical programmes. These programmes bring a variety and motivation by simulating various hill courses by controlling heart rate.
  • There are some trainers that are self-powered and some that requires a mains connection. Choose the one that suits you the best.

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