A well-toned upper body is a much valued asset, which enhances your appearance manifold. Read the article for some highly preferred toning exercises for upper body.

Upper Body Toning Exercises

You can enhance your good looks and gain body strength by toning the upper part of your body. Regular upper body exercises also help in avoiding osteoporosis and raise the metabolic rate. A well-toned upper body makes you look slimmer, which will also boost your confidence and even tempts you to experiment with your wardrobe. So, take out those body hugging t-shirts hidden behind the closet and flaunt your beautifully toned muscles. Toning exercises for upper body are also good for women, to get that highly sought-after physical shape. Read the article to know some highly preferred upper body toning exercises and get going!
Toning Exercises For Upper Body
For Chest & Shoulders
Lie down on your back and hold your weights with the palms of your hands, which should be facing upwards, even as your arms are outstretched to the sides. Now, bend your elbows slightly and lift your arms over your chest, till your hands are almost touching. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then go back to the original pose.
In another exercise for chest and shoulders, lie on your back and hold the weights in the palm of your hands, which should be facing upwards, and outstretch your arms above your head. Hold your weights and bring them above your head and down to your bums, by your sides in a semi-circular motion. Lift yourself back to the starting position and repeat the exercise.
For Chest & Back
Sit with your straight back or get some support and stretch your legs straight in front of you. Now, hold the weights and bring them above your head and down to your bums, by your sides, in a semi-circular motion. Lift yourself back to the original position and repeat.
For Back & Shoulders
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and arms by your sides. Now, hold the weights, while your palms face outwards. Make slow movements and tense your upper back muscles and shoulders, slowly moving them up and down. Repeat the exercise a number of times.
For Shoulders & Upper Arms
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart; arms stretched above your head. Hold the weights with your palms facing your back. Now, bring your arms forward and down slowly, while not bending at the elbow, until level with your shoulders. Lift yourself back to the beginning position and start again.
For Arms & Chest
Position your palms on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Outstretch your body with either your knees or toes on the floor, supporting your body weight. Gently lower yourself towards the floor (without getting too close to it), using your arms and keeping your back straight. Push yourself back to the original position & repeat.  
For Arms
Keep your back straight, in a sitting position and relax your arms in line with your body. Hold your weights with your palms faced up and twist them towards your shoulders. Bring them down again. Keep your back straight and don’t move your torso. Repeat the exercise.
For Forearms
This exercise is specifically intended for toning your forearms. Grip your weight and stretch your arm in front of you. Tilt your wrist upwards and downwards repeatedly. Do one arm at a time.

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